Building Your Dream Home – The Construction Process

Many of us dream of that perfect home all our lives. We have our ideal plan in mind. We’ve imagined that pool in the back yard by the deck. We’ve imagined that huge bathroom with room for a jacuzzi tub. When the day comes that you can afford to build that dream home you’ve always dreamed of, it is exciting. It can also be a bit overwhelming. There is a lot you have to juggle when building a house from scratch. Planning ahead of time will help ensure you get the home you want, save you money, and help you avoid quite a bit of unnecessary stress.

Setting a Budget

Before you begin the building process, set a budget, and be realistic about it. Having a budget ahead of time will keep your costs from skyrocketing. You, builder or contractor, can help educate on how much certain things will cost. They can also help you understand what sort of home you can build on this budget. Don’t forget to plan for the expense of furniture, utilities, and landscaping, and to set a bit of money aside for any unexpected costs that might turn up.

Consider taking out a construction loan. This will allow you to pay for supplies and anyone you hire in the process. To apply for a construction loan, you need a complete building plan and a list of all fees, meaning you will need to apply for it after you, the architect, and the builder have a plan in place.

Hiring Your Team

You will need to create a team of professionals to help you out with certain aspects of the building process. Ideally, your team would be comprised of an architect, a builder, a designer, a landscape architect, and a lawyer. Each of these individuals is an expert in their field, and all of them together can help you make good decisions about what property to buy and what plans to make for the home itself.

Start by hiring an architect who can help you design your home. Ask for references before hiring the architect and view previous homes they have designed if you can. If possible, hire the architect before purchasing the land. This way, you will be able to find a lot that is suitable for the house you want. An architect will be able to help you determine what you can do with different plots of land and how to take the best advantage of the land you do buy in regards to things such as views, sunlight, and trees.

Once you and your architect have created a plan, it is time to hire a builder. Get an estimate from at least three builders. Be sure to talk to the builders about what is and isn’t included in that price. You don’t want unexpected costs sneaking up on you. Again, you will want to do research on the builders before you make your final decision. Ask for references, talk to previous clients, and visit homes that the builders have built. Discuss how involved you want to be in the building process with your builder. If you want a hands-on experience, find a builder who will work with you. If you’d rather the builder take hold of the rings once the plan starts rolling, hire someone who is comfortable with that.

With everyone you hire, make a payment plan of when payments will be due and how maybent is to be received. Create a detailed contract with both the architect and the builder. You are putting a lot of time, energy, and money into this project; the last thing you want in for important members of your team to skimp on their work or not complete the home to your standards.

Designing Your Home

Once you have purchased your land, it is time to design your home. Communicate thoroughly with all team members. Let your architect knows your budget, how many rooms you want, and an idea of the floor plan you are after. Provide photos of rooms you like and dislike so your architect can have an idea of what it is you want. Keep in mind details such as siding and windows, which are not only functional necessities of a home; they also play a big role in the design. Find a company such as New Jersey Siding & Window, which provides home improvement in Randolph, NJ. They provide a variety of windows, siding, and doors so you can find the perfect match for your home. Let your architect know if there is anything special you want, such as a pool, so you can plan for swimming pool construction. If your architect knows what unique features you want in your house, he or she will be able to more easily help you design your dream home.

Once the architect has come up with a design you like, he or she will draw up blueprints for you. Then, you can use these blueprints to get bids from builders. Be sure you are happy with the floor plan before the actual building commences. It is easy to change ideas on paper, but it is much more difficult to make changes once the building has begun. Take your time to make a final decision. You want your dream home to actually be your dream home after all.

Working With Your Builder

You and your team will need to work closely together to design a home that meets your expectations. Consult your team when buying your land. The different members of your team will have different perspectives on what is important when purchasing land. Some members of your team might focus more on view, others on zoning, and still others will be focused on what sort of foundation the land would provide for the house. If you have your team help you with picking out the land, you will be able to make the best decision on all these fronts.

Talk to your builder about what types of materials you want him or her to use. If you aren’t sure, your builder can help you brainstorm ideas and give you recommendations. You will want to ensure that you have good, sturdy materials when building your home. Come up with a plan for everything from the lumber you use, to your heating and air systems, to windows and siding. Purchase materials from a company such as Lyndhurst Lumber. They provide residential construction in Lyndhurst, OH. Their lumber is fully licensed to ensure you get a quality product. They can also help you out with constructing garages, installing hardwood flooring, installing cabinetry, and creating custom-fabricated handrails and moldings, along with a host of other services. After all, these sorts of details are what make your house a truly unique home. Heating and cooling are important for any home, especially if you live somewhere with extreme temperatures. Be sure to hire a reliable contractor such as this heating contractor in Midland, MI. Not only can a company such as this install your needed heating and cooling devices, but they can also help you with maintenance down the road. Make sure you communicate exactly what products you want so the builder can make sure you have the home you want.

Be sure to visit the building site on a very regular basis. Talk to your builder so that you have an idea of how things are going. You will want to make sure everything is being done as planned. Visiting the site will also give you the opportunity to answer any questions the builder might have about what you want.

Keep in mind that building a home, especially your dream home, is not a quick process. Expect delays. Some building materials might not come in in time, or harsh weather could delay construction. Expecting these delays to happen at some point will help you avoid stress when they do occur. While the building process might be a long one, it is certainly a rewarding experience. After all the hard work and patience, you will end up with the perfect dream home you have always wanted.

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