Best Apps to Help Recover a Lost or Stolen iPhone

Losing your iPhone can seem like the end of the world, especially if you do not have any type of insurance on your phone. These phones are not cheap, so it is best to install some applications on your phone which can help in getting your iPhone back in the event something were to happen to it. A new phone may be helpful, but you will lose all of your data such as contacts, music, pictures, and much more. You would basically have to start all over from scratch. You can give yourself less of a headache if you take advantage of any of the below apps for your phone.


This is one of the best iPhone apps that can help in recovering your lost or stolen iPhone. What this app does is produces location reports by sending a message that is cautious right to your phone. This app will also take a picture of the thief with the camera. The best part about this app is that the thief will not be able to delete this wonderful app from your iPhone. The cost is $3.99, but is totally worth it. Again, this app will have to be installed before your phone goes lost or stolen, and you will have to create your own account and setup a passcode.

Find my iPhone

If you own another iOS device, you will be able to take advantage of it if your iPhone is lost or stolen. You can that device to help find the location of your iPhone that is missing directly on a map. Using this app, you will also be able to secure your own data that is personal, and even play a sound in maximum volume. You can do this even if your phone was on silent. This app is totally free, and worth it. You will first need to make sure that you upgrade your phone to iOS 5 or more.

Phone Trace 4

If you want an app that can track your iPhone that has been lost or stolen, you can use Phone Trace 4 to help locate and even give you a phone number to reach the person who has your iPhone. If that is not cool, then I don’t know what is. You also have the option to receive emails, and other commands to yourself. The cost of this app is $7.99.

Device Locator

This is another application for iPhone users only that will allow you to track your phone’s location if it was lost or stolen. It will simply sound off an alarm right on your iPhone. Just like other similar apps, Device Locator will also take a picture of the thief and send a message. There are no other fees that you have to worry about besides a one time cost of $3.99.

If Found+

If you misplace your iPhone, you can use this handy app to replace your current iPhone wallpaper with a simple message of your choice. You will be able to create this message when you install the app on to your phone. Even if your phone is locked, the message will still be displayed. A wonderful Samaritan will be able to get a hold of you if they find your phone. There is a one time cost of $0.99 for this app.

These apps are very helpful in the process of locating your iPhone that has either been lost of stolen. You need to have these apps installed and set up correctly in order for them to do you any good in the event something was to happen to your phone. They are all very good apps, and are definitely worth it.

Editor’s Note: Sara Wells is a tech blogger and iPhone aficionado. He writes on behalf of Protect Your Bubble iPhone insurance brand and other companies.

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