What Are the Benefits of Stress Balls as a Carpal Tunnel Treatment Tool?

One of the most common nerve sting problems that people suffer from iscarpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). This condition causes tingling and numbness in the hands, the arms and the fingers and if nothing is done about the discomfort, you may end up with excruciating pain in the affected areas. In fact, the pain can be too much to let you carry on with your normal duties, which at the end of the day may affect your performance at home and at work.

According to different orthopedic doctors, the number of CTS patients is increasing by the day, maybe because of constant use (or abuse) of computers, mobile phones, video games, and other devices that strain your arms and wrist. Luckily, stress balls have been reported to have positive impacts on carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers. Other than being used as stress reduction tools, they are also an effective tool for preventing, curing and managing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Stress balls are small squeezable balls that are usually filled with soft clay or a malleable gel that you can easily hold in the palm of your hand. It is squeezing this small sized ball that is said to relieve stress and release tension from the hands, the arms and the wrists.

According to medical experts and aerobic trainers, the benefits of stress balls also include boosting the circulation of blood and also helping with treatment for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. These stress balls can also be used as a physical therapy tool to help toughen the muscles of the patient’s hands and wrists.

So, what are the different benefits of stress balls?

  • Stress balls are a tension reduction tool– Sometimes we are too swamped with work, school and other responsibilities that we never realize that stress levels are building up. And because stress deprives you of good sleep, it is something that you need to address fast. Medical experts say that squeezing a malleable ball will activate the muscles in your arms and hands, which will improve circulation and make you calm down.
  • They are a physical therapy tool –Prolonged use of computers and mobile phones are some of the leading causes of CTS in the younger generation. What’s more, you may also suffer from CTS due to health conditions like arthritis, or sprains and other serious injuries. The good news is that doctors recommend squeezing a ball to activate and strengthen those weak muscles, reduce the pain and make your hands strong again.
  • Stress balls increase the circulation of blood – As we all know, easy blood flow is very important in our overall health, right? Well, to ensure that blood is well circulated in your body, stress balls might just be what you need. The more you squeeze the balls, the more you relax your muscles, and the more relaxed you feel. And when you are in a calm state, then the flow of blood in your body is just perfect.

Take it from me; since we all have a lot to do and our hands are always doing something, we are all at risk of getting CTS. Do the CTS exercises even if you are not experiencing any CTS symptoms because, at the end of the day, we all strain our hands and wrists even without knowing it.

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