App Store Ratings: Top 6 Best Android Apps for 2020

The Android app market is exploding! 194 billion Android apps were downloaded in 2018. 178 billion apps were downloaded in 2017, by way of comparison. 

Android app usage is on the rise. 

The mobile app market is projected to be a $188 billion industry by 2020. With so much money at stake, it makes sense that everyone and their grandfather are developing apps to cash in on the market. This makes it hard to find the worthwhile apps amidst all the clutter which makes it hard to choose between other app designing company.

To help you find the gems on the Google Play store, we’ve compiled some of the apps with some of the best app store ratings. You don’t need any more unnecessary apps cluttering up your home screen, draining your battery life, and taking up precious hard drive space. 

6 Apps With The Best App Store Ratings

App store ratings help you decide what apps are worthwhile. They let you know how useful an app actually is, as well as how often it’s used. Who better to learn what apps to download than actual app users?

Google Pay

Leaving the house without a wallet or purse is a dream come true. If you’re just running out of the house to go for a run or to grab a quick coffee, do you really want to carry a bunch of luggage? Mobile pay apps let you travel light while still being able to make purchases anywhere the app is accepted. 

Google Pay is accepted more places than any other mobile pay app. You can add nearly any type of card imaginable from participating banks. They also support a wide range of reward cards. 

Even better still, your payment info is always secure with Google Pay. They don’t store any actual card numbers on the server. You’re given a virtual card number where all of your payment is stored to keep your info secure. 

Google Pay also allows you to transfer funds anytime you like. You can pay bills and utilities from anywhere, at any time. You even earn reward points anytime you make a purchase! 


Food delivery apps have been gaining in popularity in recent years. Zomato has some of the best app store ratings as they’re among the first to offer the ability to order food from local restaurants near you. 

Zomato offers all of the features you could want from a food delivery app. You can check out pictures of the restaurant and the food they offer. You can also check out user reviews to see how others found the fare. 

Zomato also functions as a restaurant locator. It’s like a split between GrubHub and Yelp. The app offers directions to restaurants near you, as well as letting you make reservations or order takeout. They also feature restaurant discovery to help you discover fabulous new eateries you’ve never tried before. 

Zomato even offers discounts and special offers from the restaurants, which makes the food that much better! 

Google Find My Device

We keep our whole lives on our digital devices. There is no worse feeling than not being able to find your phone or tablet or, even worse, having it stolen. It’s like losing your wallet, the keys to your house, and your media library in one fell swoop. 

Google Find My Device helps eliminate that anxiety by offering geolocation, so you can see where your digital device is at any point and time. It’s not just a digital locator, either. It also lets you access your device remotely so you can reset your pin or even delete your data. 

Google Find My Device lets you access your device from any device that’s connected to the internet. It doesn’t even have to be an Android device. 

Kasperky Mobile Antivirus

We all have robust antivirus software on our laptops and desktop computers. Sadly, we don’t always remember to install it on our mobile devices. This is a mistake. 

Considering the fact that mobile usage is on the rise while accessing the internet via computers is dwindling, hackers and cyber-criminals are developing viruses and cybersecurity threats specifically for mobile devices. 

Our Android devices also host some of our most secure information, like passwords and payment information. A compromised digital device could be even worse than an infected desktop. 

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus ensures that your mobile device remains secure from the latest security threats. It scans your entire device, from the microSD card to the browser history 

It also functions as an anti-theft device, letting your search for the location of your device. You can also remotely wipe your device’s data and change your passwords. 


We use our cameras to take pictures of everything. Unfortunately, a picture of a document isn’t searchable or scannable. It might not even be legible if your picture is blurry. 

CamScanner lets your mobile device function as a mobile scanner. It lets you create high-quality JPGs and PDFs of printed media. These files can be easily shared with other connected Android Apps. You can also sync with printers and fax machines via an AirPrint feature. 


Not too keen on taking up a bunch of hard drive space with a ton of music? Now you don’t have to. Music streaming services have nearly any piece of recorded music you could hope to hear available anywhere you have an internet connection. 

Spotify is the reigning champion of the streaming services. With over 30 million songs in their database, you could spend several lifetimes and still not hear everything they have to offer. They also offer the ability to make your own playlists, so you can host your own playlists in the cloud. 

Spotify also has some of the best music discovery tools in the world. From ingenious algorithms to hand-selected playlists from some of the biggest taste makers in the industry, you’ll never be at a loss for things to listen to when you have Spotify. 

If you’re looking to customize your Android phone even further, check out this ringtone free download list. 

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