A Guide To Converting AVCHD Into MP4 online

A lot of youngsters today might not even know what AVCHD is all about. It is a video format that was introduced by Sony and Panasonic in the year 2006. During the time AVCHD was known for it’s smaller file size and comparatively high-quality output. The same format is still being used by many today.

However, it is not all that compatible with the latest devices. This has generated a need for converting AVCHD files into MP4 in order to enjoy additional viewing opportunities. To do so, you can easily use video converter software available online.

In case you want to learn about how to convert AVCHD to MP4 online, then here is a complete guide to you.

Reasons to convert AVCHD into MP4 online

Before you can actually begin learning about how to convert an AVCHD format into MP4, it is a good idea to know about the reasons to do the same.

1. For video quality improvement

The first reason we recommend you opt for a video converter software to change the format of your files is that it improves the overall picture quality. AVCHD is a dated format that produces an average-level video quality. That is why turning it into an MP4 format will showcase a major difference.

2. To enjoy a range of supportive devices

The next important reason why you should convert AVCHD into MP4 file is because of the viewing opportunities. AVCHD is supported by a limited number of devices. However, MP4 is a format that can be enjoyed on different devices like laptops, mobile phones, TVs, and DVD players.

A step by step guide to convert videos

1. Install the software

You can begin the process of converting AVCHD to MP4 by installing the software. Once done run it on your system so that it can be launched.

2. Add the AVCHD files

While you are on the main screen of the application click on the “Add Media” option. This can be found on the top left portion of the window. Then from all the drop-down options available under the “Add Media” section choose the one which says “Add Video.” This will allow you to upload the AVCHD file that you want to convert.

3. Select output format

After you are done with the second step, go to the “Video” tab and select the MP4 profile group. The “Video” tab option can be seen in the lower part of the application screen.

4. Convert and save

Once you have selected the correct MP4 format style, you can then proceed towards choosing the storage location for the new file. After doing so hit the “Convert” button and the file will be saved.

Where to find a video converter software

Video converter software is available online easily. Therefore, finding them is not a difficult thing to do. However, choosing the right video converter software makes for a challenging part. You need to look out for a software which is easy to understand and also processes the conversion files quickly. Moreover, these applications can be downloaded depending on the specifications of your device.

In the end, if you have been struggling with AVCHD files and are looking for a way out, then try switching them to MP4 today by using an online video converter software.

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