Raft App, Plan 2016 with a calendar that is easy and fun to use

Start 2016 with a calendar that makes it fun and easy to plan life. Raft is a Swedish digital calendar that makes it possible to share calendars with your close ones.

Digital calendars are developed for another age. The origin of today’s calendars can be traced back to the a world without smartphones, social networks and everyone being constantly online. Today’s calendars are developed in an age when they were used on stationary computers to set up business meetings in large organisations by people in suits. (More or less). Since then the world has turned, and the calendars have been left behind. For some reason calendars are still hard to use, looks dull and are based on email address. They get filled with all the boring things lin life. Chores and musts. A place where dreams go to die as someone put it.

raft screenshot 1

That’s why there’s Raft, says Raft CEO, Anders Ekman. Raft is a new kind of digital calendar developed to make it fun and easy to plan life. We started by thinking about what a calendar would look like if it were built today? What features would have, and what problems should it solve? A big problem was sharing calendars with people outside of your work, so that’s what we prioritized. Raft is the easiest way to share calendar events with your partner or friends. You can tag each event you add, and select whom should see it. That way you don’t have to set up different calendars and invite and give permission to people like you have to with other services today. And since we wanted Raft to be a social calendar we added a feed where you can see what your friends have got planned, and chat so that you can talk about your plans with the people that are joining.

raft screenshot 2

We think that by making it social and fun to plan the life, you’ll end up doing more fun things. That’s the idea behind Raft.

Raft is available for free in the Apple App store. It has been featured by Apple multiple times, as ’Best New Apps’ and in the social networking category. The latest update of the app brings an integration with the GIF search engine GIPHY, meaning that is possible to style your calendar events with GIFs. Now that’s a calendar that 2016 deserves.”

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