7 Steps to Select a Perfect Engagement Ring

If you are planning to buy a diamond engagement ring, you must consider a few things. You have to make sure that you give your loved one the best engagement ring possible, and it has to last a lifetime. Engagements are one of the best occasions for many in their life, and you have to make sure you give your best in every way, including selecting the best ring for that day.

One has to look for many features of a ring before buying it, such as the diamond shape, cut, types, settings, metal character, etc. These features are crucial and can affect the longevity of the diamond ring. This article will help you select the best diamond in the market without breaking the bank. The seven tips for selecting the best diamond engagement rings are:

1.Understand the 4Cs

The first step in selecting an engagement ring is to understand the 4Cs. The four 4Cs are colour, cut, clarity and carat weight.

Colour: The diamonds with significantly less or no visible colour are rare. There’s a colour grade scale from D-to-Z that tells you the diamond’s lack of colour. Always look for these grades when you are selecting the diamond.

Cut: The cut of the diamond will determine how well it reflects the light.

Clarity: The absence of blemishes and inclusions will increase the clarity of a diamond.

Carat Weight: The carat weight is what determines the diamond’s size.

  1. Understanding the diamond shapes, cutting styles, and cut quality.

These three things play a massive role in the look of the diamond. The shape of a diamond is the profile/outline when viewed face-up. The most common and popular shape is round. There are also shapes like pear, oval, square, marquise, etc.

The cutting style refers to the arrangement of the diamond’s facets. The round-shaped diamond will have an excellent cutting style with a unique arrangement of 57/58 facets. There are other cutting styles like the emerald cut, which is used in rectangular or square-shaped diamonds. A radiant cut is also suitable for these shapes if you wish to have a different style than the common cuts.

  1. The Metal for Band

The overall look of your engagement ring will change depending on the metal you pick for the ring band. The popular bands are platinum and white gold, and both look modern and sleek.

  1. Select the Setting

The setting is the part of the band that holds the diamond in place. The setting has two main functions: to protect the ring from damage and highlight the beauty of the diamond.

There are three types of settings you must know about.

Prong: The diamond is held in place with six prongs/supports. The ring is called a “solitaire” if it has this type of setting.

Bezel: It is a thin strip of metal hammered around the stone to hold it properly. It is the best setting for a diamond if you are concerned about its safety.

Halo: In this setting, several tiny diamonds encircle the centre stone in the centre. The halo gives more sparkle to the ring and makes the centre stone appear more prominent.

  1. Look at the diamond under different lighting conditions

The diamond looks different in different settings/conditions of light. And that is because the facets of a diamond act like tiny mirrors and reflect the light around it.

Test the diamond under these conditions:

  • Daylight
  • Fluorescent
  • Candlelight
  • Spotlighting

If the diamond reflects light and sparkles in all these conditions, you can assure excellent quality.

  1. Know the Ring Size

Always check the ring size before making the purchase. If you want the engagement to be a surprise, measure the size of her daily worn rings. The jewellers can also help you select a ring that will fit well if you have a rough idea about the rings she has.

7.Consider the Budget

There’s no guideline to set the budget, but you must never spend a huge amount on the ring. You go with the tips mentioned above and narrow down the shortlist. After eliminating the others, the last few rings you get will let you understand the average amount you need to spend.

Remember these seven tips when you start to look for the engagement rings for your better half.

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