7 Necessary Details To Put In Your Business Cards

A business card is a hugely important tool. This is one of the first things that people see when they meet another person. People can hand out a business card to others they meet at meetings. They can also use the business card when at many other kinds of important events. For example, they might bring lots of business cards with them when they are attending an important industry conference. This is one of many reasons why careful attention should be paid to each aspect of the business card. A well done business card from JoinPrint can help anyone stand out in a crowd. These are the details that should go on your personal business cards.

Formal Business Name

If you own your own business, you might have chosen to incorporate your business venture. This lets you create a formal corporation with a name that you use for it legally. You’ll want to place this name on your business card. Using it on your business card can help people find your exact business name. If the business name uses a specific and unusual character such an ampersand, you might want to make sure this stands out memorably. You can take this character and make it a different color from the rest of the print to help draw attention to your unique business.

Contact Information

Another important tool to place on your business card is your contact information. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to contact you directly. This is why you should have a professional email address that you check on a routine basis. If you don’t already have a professional email address, now is the time to get one. It should be related to your business venture in some way. For example, if you are a graphic artist, consider an email address that reminds people of this fact when they use it. If you have a business line, it’s imperative to make sure it’s on your card. Think carefully if you have only one line. Putting it on your business card may invite calls you don’t want.

Your Professional Name

Some people choose to do business under their married name. Others may have established a good professional reputation under a different name and wish to keep this name even after they get married. A man may use a different name professional and another name for family and friends. Put the name you use professionally on your business card. You’ll want to make sure this name is the exact name that you use for all your business affairs. The name should be clearly and obviously visible in one place on the card. If you use a nickname, you might want to incorporate this nickname as part of your business card. This way, people can make sure you are the person they’re contacting rather than someone with a similar name.

What You Do

What you do is a very strong part of your personal history. One of the main purposes of a business card is to convey your ability to do a job for someone else. It’s a good idea to summarize exactly what you do in a few simple words. If you assume multiple hats and have many talents, you can use precise nouns to convey that information. For example, if you are a writer as well as someone who knows lots of technical programs and can sing and dance, you’ll want to bring these nouns to your business card in a way that is instantly easy to understand. This will help you create a vivid image in the mind of anyone who reads your business card. They will know what you can do and how you can help them expand their own business or solve a personal problem they might have.

Professional Accomplishments

The card offers you a good chance to tell the world what you’ve done. For example, if are an award winning writer, now is the time to put this on your business card. Consider the most prestigious accomplish or award you have to your name. You’ll want to list it here for others to know about. This can instantly establish the kind of vision you want for your audience once they read it. It will also help convey to your reader that all important sense that you are very good at what do and should be hired.

A Home or Business Address

If you run a business, you might have more than one location. If this is true, you can put several locations on the business card in small print at the bottom of the card. At the same time, you’ll want to indicate which one serves as your primary headquarters. Some people have a home based business. In that case, you can use that home address as part of the information on the card. If you would prefer to avoid listing your home address on your business card, there are several ways to accomplish this goal. Think about renting a post office box where you can get mail. This can be used to help make sure you’re sorting out the different kinds of mail that you’re getting and help you keep track of them.

Striking Images

A really good business card should ideally have at least one arresting feature that is is unexpected. One way to capture attention and keep it is with the use of an image that relates to your business in some way. For example, if you are in the food service industry, you might have a picture of the kind of packaging that you use each day on the back of the card or to the side. Think about using different colors than the body of the business cards. This will help you really stand out in a crowd and make it clear that you can think out of the box.


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