7 MacBook Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Laptop Running Efficiently

Apple sold 5.3 million Macs in the year 2018. According to CNBC, this figure represents $ 7.4 billion in revenue over the last year. The Macintosh has distinguished itself as a leader in the personal computer market.

Owning a Mac may set you back a few dollars more than when buying any other brand. But you’ll enjoy significant advantages with a Mac considering Apple’s ever-evolving innovative ecosystem.  

MacBooks are pretty self-sufficient, but they still require regular tune-ups. These repairs ensure that your Mac is running at optimum at all times. Learn seven MacBook maintenance tips that will keep your machine running well.

The developers of Macs thrive for efficiency and minimum repair costs over a lifespan as leverage. But even then, specific common issues often affect Macs maximum functionality. Some of the common problems include startup problems, unresponsive apps, or the annoying spinning beach ball.

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If you have experienced any of these issues in the past, it is probable that you were not keen on maintenance. Have you been wondering how to clean your Mac computer? You may need to consider these tips for a better experience.

1. Emptying the Trash 

This may seem obvious, but most people rarely consider emptying trash as an essential activity. Your Mac requires considerable space even when using a new hard drive to operate optimally. The excessive trash in your Mac is the reason for the unusual sluggishness in your devices’ operations. 

If you are keen on boosting your Mac’s functionality, then you ought to clear that trash. To do this, you need to click the trash icon, then hold. Once the pop-up menu appears, you’ll see the empty trash option. 

This procedure may appear as mundane, and many people assume its importance.  If you’re wondering how to clean a Mac computer, this should be your first step.  

2. Consider Your Power System’s Longevity

You’ll be surprised at how vital clicking that shutdown icon can be to your Mac’s experience. If you’re like most Mac users, you probably never entirely turn off your device during breaks. Instead, most people prefer to put their Macs on sleep-mode for long hours. 

While you may not notice it, this approach negatively affects your battery in the long-term— your battery risks being a bit worn out. If you are keen on a tune-up for your Mac, you ought to consider turning off your device entirely at times.  

Mac gives you the option to check your battery’s status when running the Snow Leopard. You can press hold, and then click the battery status in the Menu Bar. If your battery status indicates, replace soon, then it means you need to take this maintenance tip seriously.  In this case, you might think of selling a macbook pro and buying a new one. 

3. Check Hard Drive for Errors

Checking the hard drive for errors on your Mac is a DIY procedure you should undertake regularly. Most times, your hard drive will develop faults due to instances of power failure, among other things. Whenever this happens, your Mac begins to slow down its overall functionality.

You need to check your hard drive’s health routinely. This is achievable by opening the disk utility, then select the boot volume. You then need to click the verify drive button (First Aid tab) and begin the process of formatting. 

This procedure may cause your system to slow down but is crucial in achieving the set out inbuilt diagnostic procedures. You need to monitor the status of the drive’s built-in tools to sustain recurrent diagnostic procedures. Hard drive repairs are among the MacBook maintenance tips that have a significant impact on your Mac. 

4. Recurrent verification and Disk Repairs

Verifying your startup disk is a critical maintenance procedure for your Mac. Your Mac’s disk file structure may change for various reasons. This may cause your Mac to behave strangely and affect optimum functionality.  To avoid such struggles, Mac provides a run disk utility that can help with recurrent maintenance process. 

All Macs have disk utility programs that help with the process of clean up. Opening the disk utility folder and running it at least five times a year is a critical step towards maintaining your Mac at optimum functionality. The process allows you to repair the various disk functionalities such as disk permissions continuously.

5. Updating Software 

Most Mac users rarely accept the update software pop-up. If you’ve been running your computer without taking the time to install software updates, then you could be doing your device a disservice.

The Apple ecosystem undertakes recurrent software upgrades to ensure the best user experience. Accepting software updates as often as possible takes a few minutes of your time but has a critical boost on your device’s user experience. To avoid recurrent vulnerabilities and bugs, you ought to update your software as often as possible.

6. Keep Your Idle Apps Shut 

Having multiple idle programs running can cause your Mac to heat up due to the overload on the internal processor. If you’ve noted an unusual slowdown in your Macs functionality, it could be because of the many apps and programs running in the background. 

One of the maintenance measures you must undertake as often as possible is the process of shutting down idle programs. You must do this to ensure that an inactive background application does not overwork your RAM and CPU. If you can do this as often as possible, then your Mac will operate at optimum for many years.

7. Mind Your Desktop 

The desktop is the first place you probably consider keeping most of the frequently used applications, documents, and media. Well, most people do the same for easier access. But this habit can slow your Mac and cause unusual sluggishness.  

You must regularly check to ensure that you keep your desktop as clean as possible. The RAM needed to display each icon on your Mac depletes with each additional idle app on your desktop. You must clean up the desktop as often as possible to reduce the risk of overloading the internal memory. 

These MacBook Maintenance Tips and Proper Maintenance Guarantee You a Better User Experience 

Most times when your Mac behaves funnily, it is probably because it needs some continuance repair. Before you consider going the technical way with the device, you should consider these MacBook maintenance tips as a solution to the constant sluggishness and slowed operations. If you need any assistance with your technology, BCA IT in Miami is a 24/7 managed IT support provider that can be of help.

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