7 Essentials to Avoid Any Mishaps on Your Road-trip

Hitting the road for a road trip is a great way to travel and create an itinerary that allows for plenty of pit stops and roadside attractions. But heading out on the road for a prolonged period of time also requires additional planning and carrying a car and personal essentials with us that we wouldn’t need with other modes of travel.

To ensure that any road trip you set out on goes as smoothly as possible, there are some essentials that are worth bringing along. You can never guarantee that you’ll have everything on hand or be prepared for every situation, but these seven essential items are the most likely to come in handy while on the road. 

Roadside Emergency Kit

A roadside emergency kit contains hazard lights, roadside safety cones, flares, flashlights, basic tools, and other items that come in handy if and when you break down. When a roadside incident does occur, it is important to pull out of the way of traffic immediately and then make yourself as visible as possible so that further accidents are avoided. 

The items in a roadside emergency kit can help you ensure the safety of the vehicle and give you some basic tools to handle the most common types of accidents to occur. 

First Aid Kit

Accidents happen, both on the road and to our person, whether it is related to an accident that might occur on the road or to everyday movements. When an accident does occur, and you or anyone else on the road trip is hurt, it helps to have a basic first aid kit on hand. Shop for a kit that carries more than the basic bandages and ointment but also has gauze, female sanitary items, tweezers, and small scissors. These items will ensure that you are able to take care of any immediate cuts, scrapes, and incidents. 

Travel Insurance

In addition to a basic car policy, there are additional types of services that you can purchase in order to protect yourself while on the road or travelling. Roadside assistance through an agency or your car provider is a great way to provide yourself with options when incidents happen on the road. This special type of service can include everything from tow to lockout services to a gas tank when needed. 

Going one step further, travel service policies can be secured for road trips like it can for more traditional travel types. Also, it is necessary to get your car insurance along with travel insurance as a safety net. By insuring your road trip travel, you can guarantee that any costs incurred or any loss of travel gear is covered. 

Portable Car Jump Starter

Sometimes it pays off to help yourself in times of auto mishaps while road tripping. A portable car jump starter will give you the ability to jump your car’s battery when needed, especially when you find yourself in an out of the way location where help would be a long time coming. These devices have become more advanced and now include more than just the basic battery power necessary to jump a car, often including flashlights, phone battery outlets, radio, and tire pump attachments. 

Motor Oil and Car Fluids

It is best to give any vehicle headed for a long road trip a check-up to make sure that all fluids are topped up, and any major or minor issues are dealt with. Still, it is smart to take along common car fluids just in case they become necessary. A quart of motor oil, windshield fluid, and other common fluids can easily be packed in the trunk and save you money and time on the road. 

Mobile Phone Battery and Charging Cords

Our phones are an essential travel item these days, and when you are on the road, you want to ascertain that you have the items necessary to use them at all times. Charging cords, additional batteries, and road trip friendly and safe attachments keep you going and connected. Even if you have one set of these items already, pack a backup set of each that you store in a different area in case of emergency.

Paper Maps and Information

While it is common to rely on our electronic devices for directions and information, there are times these devices fail us. Carry along with a paper map of your route just in case you get lost, and there is no cell phone service. Also, make sure to carry any essential information on you, off the phone, just in case you need it when your phone isn’t working, breaks, or even gets stolen. 

There is no way to guarantee that your road trip will be smooth and uneventful, but you can mitigate any headaches with planning and a few handy items. Even if you don’t end up using them on your trip, having them for the future is smart.

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