6 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Managed Security Services

A report by Accenture indicates that cybercrime will cost companies over $5.2 trillion in the next five years. 

And this underlines the fact that the threat of computer-initiated attacks is increasingly becoming a disastrous phenomenon.

Now, you might think that cybercrime is only a reserve for the mega and blue-chip organizations.

In reality, cybercrime is getting more sophisticated and is now targeting even local businesses.

Without the necessary technology, your business is prone to attack, and this is a reason many entrepreneurs are turning towards outsourcing the security functions to third party processors.

The outsourcing deals, also known as managed security service providers, offer some form of cybersecurity monitoring and management to mitigate and manage security threats.

The cybersecurity services offered by MSSP are often complete solutions and will include an array of services such as spam blocking, firewalls, VPN management to intrusion detection.

Enough with the ramble, here are the top six benefits that your business stands to gain for outsourcing cybersecurity to MSSP.

Proactive Security

The first step of securing your organization from the risk of cybersecurity threats is having a proactive approach rather than a reactive one.

A proactive approach is a preventive measure that will stop a security threat from happening in the first place.

This feat often presents a challenge to many enterprises because they do not have the necessary technological infrastructure to identify threats.

With an MSSP, however, it’s easier for them to spot threats in the early stages and take steps to neutralize them.

Professional MSSP is always in the lookout for new paradigms of attacks and data breaches and it’s always challenging for hackers to go unnoticed.

Superior Protection

The biggest benefit of outsourcing your cybersecurity functions is unrivaled protection.

See, professional MSSP usually have advanced solutions and will often utilize state-of-the-art technologies, including threat intelligence, AI, and machine learning.

Secondly, most of the MSSPs have operations globally, and so, there have a general idea of the security landscape and have insights into the entire domain.

Again, having constant updates on the latest threats gives an edge, and this helps to secure unrivaled protection to your business.

Constant Monitoring

By outsourcing your cybersecurity to a professional MSSP, you’re basically providing your business with “round the clock” security.

Unlike an in-house team, which will only provide security primarily during business hours, MSSP will provide constant monitoring, and this helps to increase the security footprint as well as ensure uptime in your business network.

Customized Solutions

Organizations in different domains often have different cybersecurity threats.

For instance, organizations in the financial domains, such as banks, will require different cybersecurity measures from those in the health or hospitality industry.

Again, remember that each industry has to meet several compliances and the necessary regulations.

With an in-house security team, it’s always a challenging task to meet all the security needs and adhere to your regulator.

However, MSSPs have dedicated staff and will tailor their services to meet the demands of your business, as well as those of your domain at large. 

So, whether you’re in the financial space, health information, or protecting any confidential information, MSSPs will provide a total solution to all your security needs.

Cost Saving

The initial cost of outsourcing your security might seem high, but in reality, it will save you a lot.

For starters, when you outsource, you’ll drastically minimize the risk of getting attacked and hence saved from losses.

Secondly, constant monitoring often requires a large investment in technology, which your business might not afford due to the high asking price.

With an MSSPs, however, you get to access the premium and high-end technology, just at a fraction of the overall cost.

Outsourcing will also mean that you will require a few staff in the security and IT department. This saves your organization from incurring some of the costs, including running costs such as salaries, training, office space, and even maintenance of technology.

Focus on what matters Most-Your Business

The beauty of partnering with an MSSPs is that you’re freed from the hassles of dealing with security threats and the likes, but instead, you channel all your energies to the success of your business.


Outsourcing the security needs of your business might seem like an overwhelming endeavor, but it’s certainly worth it.

With cybercrime constantly evolving and cybercriminals continuously learning new trickery methods, the need for comprehensive cybersecurity is needed more than ever.

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