6 Satisfying Safety Careers to Consider

A career in the profession of safety can mean many different things, offering anyone interested in protecting the general public and work force from harm and health hazards many opportunities in a large variety of fields. As science and technology advance, so does the need for security and protection in the workplace, opening up more job prospects in the field of safety than ever before.

Below are 6 popular potential careers to consider in the field of safety:

1. Safety Manager—

Responsible for devising safety plans and methods to control and contain safety hazards in the workplace, Safety Managers are in charge of the safety programs within their company, and training all employees and management in the techniques or skills needed to keep the work environment safe, be it corporate, state or government owned. Safety Managers lead all other safety-minded employees to create the most efficient and harm-free workplace possible.

2. Safety Engineer—

While the Safety Manager’s main responsibility is to implement the safety procedures, the focus of the Safety Engineer is more scientific, as they are expected to design, develop and test safety procedures so that if they are ever needed, they can be counted upon to work. They may also audit and evaluate work environments to reduce the impact of workplace and environmental stressors on employees.

3. Safety Specialist—

A Safety Specialist receives training to achieve expert levels of safety awareness and preparedness training, allowing them to use their knowledge to work together with other safety professionals at creating the most efficient and effective safety procedures possible within a company. This kind of safety training can be especially helpful in a risk management/insurance career.

4. Safety Coordinator—

In charge of maintaining compliance calendars, safety records, tracking incident corrective actions and preventative programs, as well as assisting with worker’s compensation, loss prevention and liability issues, the Safety Coordinator of a company is the glue that binds all safety departments and employees together. Making sure the safety team is working together is a job for those who enjoy multi-tasking and a fast-paced career.

5. Ergonomics Specialist—

This is a growing field, as employers are realizing that happy, comfortable employees make productive employees. Specializing in reducing workplace discomfort and fatigue, an Ergonomics Specialist studies the science of equipment design and applies it to the environment of any company in need of their services. Because an Ergonomics Specialist makes sure that the equipment workers use to do their jobs is designed correctly and is being used in the most efficient, comfortable way possible, employers often see a positive impact on employee morale and job performance.

6. Safety Inspector—

The Safety Inspector is generally in charge of auditing and evaluating hazard control systems in place within companies to make certain safety standards and regulations are being met to legal qualifications. With the primary responsibility of gathering data, this is a career in the field of safety for those who are very organized and observant with a keen eye for detail.

To train for a future career in the field of safety, it is recommended that high school students take as many math and science classes as possible, such as algebra, trigonometry, chemistry, biology and physics. When choosing a university or college, if you’d like to pursue a career in safety, be sure to select one that offers specific safety degrees. There are also engineering schools that offer safety training in their curriculum and certification programs.

The above careers described are only a few of the vast opportunities available in the field of job safety. Because workplace safety will always be a priority for employers, safety professionals will always be in high demand. If you are considering a career in this satisfying and secure field, get the training you need to get your ideal job and start searching today.

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