6 Misuses of Technology That the World Is Currently Facing

The overexploitation of technology and technical means is not something new to us. Every day we get to see or hear so many news of the misuse of technology that is otherwise introduced for our betterment. The purpose of an advanced and upgraded technology is to provide the common man the best of services regarding everything they need. The advancements have reached such an extent that you get everything delivered at your doorstep by just a single click on your device.

The broader availability of compatible devices and the cheaper data plans have made it accessible for people of every age group to use the technological means for their requirements. But we all know that where there are advantages, the disadvantages come attached to it without any statutory warning! Hence the issues of the growing technological means are not something to be taken lightly. The Easyvista services play a vital role in managing the technical glitches within the IT industry, and people must acknowledge such software for their beneficial productiveness.

These common misuses are a part of everyday people’s lives and hence must be dealt with proper actions by the individuals. Read on

  • Online frauds– the way online scams and frauds are shaping up every day, and it has become an issue of national concern for all. Even the governmental and other IT giants are not safe from the hand of the hackers who target the biggies to dupe them of their money through online resources. There are so many groups and individuals who have only the motive of how to make people vulnerable towards online threats and then take its advantage to exploit their financial means. It’s hard to catch them, but the cyber-crime cell is doing an excellent job in targeting these wrongdoers to save others from similar frauds in the future.
  • Data leak or data theft– this issue is a concern in every sector of the world where people fear to upload any data to the server because of losing it. The rise in the number of cases where the user’s data has been brutally theft for the misuses of it proves that no data is safe on the internet server. Though there is software like Easyvista that provides full proof cybersecurity of the data and also supports data recovery in case they are lost, the loopholes cannot be filled entirely. And the culprits still find ways to attack the users with dangerous malware that may wipe away all your data from the server.
  • Cyberbullying– the extreme use of social media sites by people of all age group is proof that in today’s time, everyone has embraced the technological advancement with open arms. There can be hardly any people who are not active on social sites; many for entertainment purposes, some for their personal causes while others just want to miscues its features. The cases of cyberbullying are not only limited to verbal abuses to individuals on the social platforms anymore; it has reached to such extreme levels that some people have also lost their lives either due to depression over bullying or in a fit of rage. Mainly the youngsters and women fall prey to these types of bullying which needs to be addressed sincerely.
  • Misusing personal information– using the digital processes, nowadays it’s not very hard to take out the data of any individual who has them loaded on any internet server. People find it a way to misuse or misinterpret the personal information in causing harm to people they don’t like or want to seek revenge on them. It can literally destroy big companies also, as the particular breach of data is a perilous threat to them.
  • Digital counterfeiting– a very shameful act of the digital culprits is the digital counterfeit activities. It is used by them to make ditto copies of previously available resources on the internet servers which they later misuse for causing more significant harm to the society. It can be used to make copies of currencies, digital images, fake identifications, credit cards and many more such operations which may bring havoc to the actual users of those valuables. It is a very dangerous misuse of the technology that has possessed a threat to our society and must be dealt carefully to avoid irreplaceable damages.  
  • Piracy– the act of piracy is not new in our society; it has prevailed since ages, but with the increase in technology, it has become easier to carry out this action without much complication. People nowadays do not possess any shame in copying other’s work and post it as their own on the online media. This form of an act is known as piracy, and a more extensive section of the society is indulged in this heinous crime. Although there are lawful acts to nab them, finding them is still a task tough for the cyber-crime department.


When we take anything for granted, we tend to overexploit it in a way that after a certain period, we make moves to lose it. Similarly, the growth in the technological sphere is one such thing that not only is overexploited by us but also being misused deliberately for all the wrong reasons. The advanced technical means are available to us for our benefits; we can book tickets, plan a tour, buy groceries, do online shopping and what not by the implementation of digital moves. But some wrongdoers are more inclined to utilize the power to create negativity in the society and cause harm to others.

There are a lot of cases of the misuse of technology that comes out on a regular basis, and the ordinary people have to deal with it by default. We need to be more generous while stepping into the digital world as it can cause us significant harm, as much good as it generates. We should remember that “prevention is better than cure” and thus we must be well aware of the technique which can save us from the glitches of the misuse o technology to a greater extent.

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