5 Ways to Set Up a Co-Working Space

A growing number of freelancers and entrepreneurs are looking for office spaces where they can feel a sense of community and find affordable spaces to work. For this reason, co-working spaces have increased in popularity over the years. The following five tips can help you build an ideal co-working space.

Choose the Right Location

As with residential real estate, location means everything when you’re choosing the right spot to open your co-working space. When deciding on a location, think about your target audience. Are you looking for creatives who would prefer a quieter place away from downtown or technology startups that want the hustle and bustle of the city? You should also look for a place that has coffee shops and restaurants nearby so that workers can get food, easy access to public transportation, and plenty of convenient parking.

Partner With Other Services

Partnering with other services in your area can make running your co-working space easier. Similar to traditional offices, co-working spaces will produce trash. You could state a community policy that all users must clean up after themselves, or you could hire a cleaning company to come in and do the work for you. Additionally, hiring a receptionist to help handle messages and phone calls might be a major selling point for plenty of workers considering your co-working space.

Select Your Amenities

One reason many workers decide to use a co-working space is that space gives them access to amenities they might not have if they work from home or can’t afford to pay for if they rent their own office space. As you’re planning your co-working space, decide which amenities you would like to offer. Some possibilities include wireless internet access, separate phone lines, ergonomic chairs and desks, access to a printer and copier, basic kitchen facilities, bathrooms, and conference rooms.

Install a Reliable HVAC System

Having a reliable HVAC system can keep your co-working space comfortable and improve its indoor air quality. A proper system will produce warm or cool air and push the air into the ductwork using a powerful fan. The air comes out from vents and warms or cools your space. The air is then brought back to the unit using return ducts and registers where it’s filtered and starts the process again. Make sure your system can handle the amount of space you want to heat or cool so that the air remains clean and comfortable.

Focus on Interior Design

Prospective workers can make up their minds about a space within seconds of walking into it simply based on the interior design. Consider a mix of permanent desks, hot desks, team spaces, brainstorming spots, and quiet areas. Place some attractive artwork on the walls to give the place some color. Also, make sure you have proper acoustics so that sound doesn’t bounce from one end of the room to the other.

By making sure the indoor air is clean and picking out the correct amenities to offer, you can build a successful co-working space to rent out to others.

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