5 Ways to Prevent Complete Data Loss

No one wants to be in the position where all the data from their computer’s hard drive disappears. Computers hold important and sensitive information about yourself, critical business data, as well as unreplaceable family photos. While you can’t predict data loss happening, you should always have an emergency backup plan in the event of a crisis. Keep in mind that if you do lose your data, there are ways that it can be recovered.

Remote and On-Site Data Recovery Services

If you want to seek a professional’s assistance in retrieving your files, you’ll have a couple of options. Remote data retrieval services can get your files back to you using a secure Internet connection and an on-site service does not need an Internet connection and can sometimes access files much quicker. Onsite data recovery is convenient because a professional will come right to you and assist you at your location. When researching data recovery services, make sure they can retrieve it from your device and can offer you a fast turnaround time.

Back Up Files in Different Locations

Getting into the routine of regularly backing up your files is critical, especially if you run a business. If you’re constantly adding or changing files daily, you’ll need to back up your files every day. Avoid backing up your files to only one other location. Aim for at least three backups, two physical copies and utilizing the cloud for data storage. Backing up your files makes it easy to access your data if something were to go wrong.  

Never Keep Laptop Unattended

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it often happens. If you’re traveling with your laptop, make sure you have an eye on it all the time. If you leave it unattended for even a few moments, anything can happen to it including theft or someone accessing your information. Try to use an inconspicuous case to carry your laptop in and take measures to hide it in your car before you exit your vehicle. If someone walking by your vehicle spots a laptop in plain sight, you may find that when you return the windows in your vehicle are broken and your laptop is missing.

Use a Surge Protector

Hard drives can easily become fried with power surges and spikes if you’re using a regular outlet to power your device. Surge protectors are vital in making sure only the right amount of electricity passes through your device. Not every power strip has surge protection capabilities, though. You’ll have to invest in a good surge protector with an indicator that lets you know when it needs to be replaced.

Update Your Virus Software Regularly

Having a good virus program on your computer is vital, but it’s also equally as vital to keeping it updated. Virus protection programs constantly update when there are new threats, offering updated protection. New threats constantly creep up, which you’ll need protection from. Most programs will let you know when it needs to be updated, others will automatically update. If you haven’t updated your software in a while, be sure to check to see if there’s an update available because you’ll need it.

Most types of data loss are preventable, even in a business. Keep your data safe with a good virus protection program and with regular data backups. It’s impossible to know when you will be targeted, but you can be prepared for when and it if does happen to you. If you find that your data is lost and you do not have a backup plan, be sure to spend time researching the most reputable data recovery companies in your area. 

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