5 Ways Artists Can Benefit from Social Media

Many people describe themselves as struggling artists, forever trying to find their place in the world and make a living from their creations. While many artists achieve stardom quite quickly and make all their dreams come true, most take a bit longer. 

In the 21st century, it’s easier to make your mark on the creative world through social media. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect to experience when you use these platforms to share your creativity with the world. 

Be Noticed and Hired

Whether you’re a traditional artist or a graphic artist, you may be noticed by a reputable creative design agency in need of your incredible skills. Having a business page where you share some of your latest creations can be all it takes to have the right people look at you and see what you can achieve. You may then be called upon for many different projects, expanding your portfolio and improving your image even more.

Remain Up To Date With Trends

Artists are always trying to push the limits of what’s considered ‘normal’ and take art to an entirely new level. We’ve seen it happen time and time again with artists like Luo Zhongli creating photorealistic portraits and Jeff Koons, who could turn everyday items into fine art. 

While ideas might just pop into your head, you can use social media to remain up to date with current trends that might influence your work and help you stand out from the crowd. 

When you rely on art sales to make a living, understanding what decorations, designs, technology, and fashion people love may make a difference to your bottom line. 

Network With Other Artists and Customers

You might produce art on your own, away from people, in an intentionally isolated space, but remaining isolated once your work is complete is the exact opposite of what you must do to become successful. 

You can use social media as a place to network, get feedback on your creations, gain inspiration, and attract new customers. You might not like people critiquing your work on a public platform, but any exposure can be good exposure in the art world. 

Build Your Brand

Building a brand as an artist doesn’t happen overnight, but it may happen quicker if you start showing off your creations on social media. TikTok is a prime example of how you can go from being unknown to world-famous in a flash. 

Devon Rodriguez was first known for his subway oil paintings but now racks up millions of views on TikTok by sketching unsuspecting subway passengers. Devon was born in the Bronx and has now been featured in numerous publications like The New York Times

While you may not build up thousands of followers straight away, being consistent in posting regular creations – be it with a paintbrush or a tablet – may be how you gain a following and build a brand beyond what you ever expected. 

Sell More Art

Selling original art when you have no form of social media or even a website can be a nearly impossible task in this day and age. Websites, Facebook marketplace, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms can become lucrative sales platforms when you put in the hard work to make yourself known. 

Social media may not seem like something you need as an artist, but it will be more beneficial to your life and career as an artist than you think. If you haven’t yet signed up to any platform, now is the right time to look at your options.

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