5 Tips for a Greener Warehouse Space

Having a green warehouse space can represent an excellent way to enhance your business’s profile, and can also potentially lead to lower energy costs. You can develop a greener warehouse space in some ways, which can include investing in the right equipment from suppliers, while also evaluating your energy usage, improving your roofing system, having a clear recycling policy, and improving the insulation in your building. More on these tips can be found below:

1 – Use the Right Equipment

Focus your attention on picking up equipment that can be used for a lengthy amount of time; this can involve getting long life light bulbs, and can also mean picking up pallets and containers made from recycled and reclaimed wood. Moreover, if you’ve previously bought your storage and transportation containers in bulk, you could help the environment by using rental and second-hand purchase schemes provided by different suppliers.

2 – Evaluate Your Energy Usage

Make sure that you have a plan in place for how you can use your energy resources in a warehouse; don’t exceed a set usage, and create limits and benchmarks for consumption. You can also encourage good practices amongst staff, which might include shutting down all non-essential lights and power supplies at night, and installing low energy lighting and dimmer systems that can be controlled remotely; doing so can mean you can get on top of your warehouse’s energy usage.

3 – Improve Your Roofing System

Many warehouses lose a lot of energy through their roofs as the result of poorly fitted and old materials; it’s worth, then, looking into how you can retrofit your roof to be more environmentally secure. Some of the options that you might want to explore can include using green roofs that release oxygen and naturally insulate your building. Roofs that are covered with a reflective paint can also provide good options for keeping the inside of a warehouse cool.

4 – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

While you might already have a recycling system set up in your warehouse, you can still look into ways to enhance core values for reducing, reusing, and recycling; this might cover areas such as recycling paper and cardboard, as well as the careful use of packaging materials. Similarly, you should create staff training plans that make individuals aware of where they should be placing items and different kinds of rubbish.

5 – Improve Your Insulation

A lot of energy is needlessly lost as the result of poor insulation in a warehouse; as well as enhancing your roof, you can also boost your energy efficiency by investing in sliding and folding doors over shutters, and by looking into double glazing and reinforcing windows and skylights within your warehouse. It can also be worth carrying out regular audits into different parts of a warehouse to work out how you can make use of natural lighting sources.

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