5 Things You Didn’t Know About the iPhone 7

Think you know all that there is to know about your iPhone 7? Think again. Here are five tools and features that are not commonly known that make the device one of the best options in the market.

1. There’s 3 settings for how the home button feels when pressed  

If you go to Settings, tap on General, then on Home button, you can select one of three ways that change the feeling of the home button when tapped. Pick the one that fits your personality and hit Done.

2. There’s a shortcut for dialing 911

If you are in an emergency, know that your iPhone is set up for quick reaction. Press the power button rapidly five times in a row and then drag the slider labeled Emergency SOS. Furthermore, the phone sends the location to your emergency contact immediately and locks itself just in case.

3. There’s a faster way to restart than going through the phone settings

Sometimes the phone acts a little funny and needs a restart. If the screen becomes locked or the device acts erratically, you can force a restart by holding down the power button and the volume down simultaneously. Once you see the logo, you can let go.

4. You can add shortcuts to the Control Center

Having access to your favorite options or apps through the Control Center may seem trivial. Nevertheless, you can be more productive by adding one. Adjust by going to Settings -> Control Center -> Customize Controls and add your favorites.

5. You can set the screen to turn on automatically whenever you pick up your phone

With the iPhone’s raise to wake feature, when you pick up the phone, the Home screen will light up. You can toggle the option by heading to Settings -> Display and Brightness and looking got the Raise to Wake option.

With all these options, why buy a new one? Even if yours is damaged, an iPhone 7 screen repair or a battery change may be all that you need to have a great operating device!

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