5 Things to Consider When Shopping For a Dirt Bike for an 8 Year Old

The process of choosing a dirt bike for an 8-year-old can at times prove challenging at first especially if the kid will be riding the dirt for the first time. No one would want to go for a bike that is too powerful for their kid that will result in them being injured or even worse. However, you don’t have to worry as this guide will help you know the most important things you need to consider when shopping for a dirt bike for your 8-year-old kid.

The following are some of the most important things to consider when choosing a dirt bike for an 8-year-old.

  • Posture

It is important that your kid gets sufficient core body strength to enable him to handle the bike you are getting for him. It is important that when riding a bike one is in an upright position especially when there are bumps. The balance of the bike will depend on the posture of the kid.  Bending while hitting bumps around the corner can be smoother when the posture is stable. There is nothing that is important than posture and upper body strength when carrying out cool tricks witnessed in motor cross racing. Small posture difference in your 8-year-old kid and he can incur injuries.

  • Style and Color

You need to consider your kids’ interest when shopping for a dirt bike. The dirtbike graphics are available in different colors and styles. Dirt bike manufacturers use colors to make the 8-year-old kids have a confident feeling while riding. However, most of the dirt bike brands are known to have a particular set of colors already decided for them. For instance, Yamaha will always use blue; Honda will go for red KTM orange while Kawasaki will prefer green.

  • Price Range

Dirt bikes are known to have varying price ranges. The bikes having extreme features will cost more while the ordinary bikes will be a bit cheaper. In case your 8-year-old kid is getting his first ever dirt bike, you can consider bikes with ordinary features will be cheaper thereafter, they can upgrade from there.  It is always advisable for one to set a budget from the start.

  • Size

Size of the dirt bike is among the most important factors one has to consider when shopping for a bike. You need to know what size would be perfect for your 8-year-old kid, the best bike weight and height and maximum carrying capacity of the bike. It means you need to know how tall your kid is before you shop for a bike.

  • Type of Engine

Kids’ dirt bikes do have 2 stroke or 4 stroke engines. It is important for one to know the difference on the stroke levels before making any purchase.  Since you will be buying dirt bike for an 8 year old, a 4 stroke engine will be a better option. The 4 stroke engine is capable of delivering power on every two crankshaft rotation.  Controlling the 4 stroke engine is much easier and kids will always be happy when riding them. However, the 2 stroke engines do roar with power as the crankshaft rotates.


Before you purchase a dirt bike for an 8 year old, it is important that you carry out research. You can also consider involving your kid in the selection process since they will be the one riding.

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