5 Simple Garage Cleanout Tips

A garage is often used to shelter cars or motor vehicles, protecting them from harsh weather conditions and theft. Some homeowners also use their garage as a space for activities, such as painting, woodworking, or even band practice. Apart from these, a popular function of a garage is to store items that may have been crowding the house. These items may range from unused appliances and furniture to equipment that only gets used a few times a year.

Because of this, junk and unusable items tend to pile up within the space. This may make it difficult for you to move around your garage or find the things you actually use. To make the space more functional, you may need to do a proper garage cleanout.

It may seem difficult, especially if you have a lot of things to sort through, but it can be more manageable if you consider the following tips.

1. Contact A Rubbish Removal Company

Hiring a rubbish removal company is necessary to dispose of your junk and garbage with less hassle. These companies will provide vehicles that can easily transport heavy loads to be disposed of properly. If you have large appliances or furniture in your garage that you need to get rid of, hiring a rubbish removal company would be the best option.

Suppose you have no experience with rubbish removal companies. That’s no problem at all, as you can ask family or friends for references. You can also go online and check providers websites like Same-Day Rubbish Removal and others. This way, you can compare their services and prices, and decide which one best suits your garage cleanout needs, as well as your budget.

2. Take Everything Out

Once you’ve contacted a rubbish removal team and decided on the date of the cleanout, you may start decluttering your garage. To save time and effort, it would be best to take everything out of the garage. Don’t try to identify what things you want to leave inside, as this could consume more time.

Bringing all the items outside allows you to sift through everything one by one, ensuring that you don’t miss anything, and it gives you a clear idea of the number of items you’ll be sending away with the rubbish removal service. In addition, this will allow you to clean your garage more thoroughly, as the space will be clear and there will be no items covering the dirt and grime that need to be washed away.

Simple Garage Cleanout Tips

3. Choose What To Keep And What To Throw Away

With all the items out of your garage, you can have an easier time sorting through them and deciding what to do with them. Basically, you’ll be choosing which items to keep and which ones to throw away.

The former category may include items that can be reused or repurposed. The latter category includes items that are irreparable and no longer usable. Examples of such items are appliances and furniture whose repair costs are higher than the price of buying a replacement. To help you stay organized, you may want to record the items and their descriptions in an inventory for better reference.

Items you decide to keep don’t necessarily have to be items you’ll use again. If an item can still be used, keep it and consider the following options to make the most of it:

  • Donating: If you have toys, electronics, or sports equipment that are still functional but that you no longer use, consider giving these things to institutions that need them, such as orphanages or schools.
  • Selling: If you have items in good condition that you won’t use anymore and you want to make some extra money, you could consider selling these. After all, there’s a reason that the concept of the ‘garage sale’ exists.
  • Repairing Or Repurposing: This applies to appliances and furniture that are still in good working condition despite needing some repairs. You could opt to repair these so you can use them again, or you could repurpose or upcycle them to fulfill other needs.

4. Deep-Clean The Garage

Before you return items to the garage, take the time to clean the entire space rigorously, from the ceiling to the floor. Make sure you get to every surface. Try to remove any stains you see, and check for any mould that needs to be removed. Other than the floor, walls, and even the ceiling, you should also make sure to wipe down cabinets and containers.

Use oil to lubricate hinges and other parts that may be carrying a build-up of rust, and don’t forget to clean the garage door as well. When you’ve done all the cleaning necessary, don’t be hasty in moving things back inside. Make sure the garage is completely dry before doing so.

5. Organize What’s Left

As you move items back inside the garage, refrain from placing them wherever you see an available space. It would be best to group items together according to use or categories, such as medical, construction, or DIY, and to keep them in a designated spot or designated containers. This way, you can keep your garage organized and make it easier for yourself to locate items when you need them.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning out your garage always seems like such a big task, but it’s necessary if you find that your garage has become too cluttered. Use the tips mentioned above so you can maximize your time, effort, and resources throughout the process. Though it’s not an easy undertaking, a garage cleanout is sure to pay off in the end.

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