5 Reasons You Need BLS Training

Every day, a number of events take place that results in serious injury and causes a person to stop breathing. Not only in hospitals or on the roads, but accidents may also happen in the homes as well. 

Such occurrences require knowledge and expertise to take immediate action. Therefore, it is mandatory to keep yourself well equipped with basic BLS (basic life support) and first-aid skills. 

Here, we have listed five important reasons to consider BLS training-

BLS Training Benefits Numerous Professions

Most of the people think that CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) and basic first-aid training programs are meant for healthcare professionals only. However, it also benefits other professions, such as teachers, coaches, daycare providers, etc. Though they don’t require any certified training, a basic BLS knowledge helps them to take stringent safety measures during an emergency.

Some of the professions that benefit from BLS certification include:

  • EMTs
  • Nurses
  • Bus Drivers
  • Police Officers
  • Firefighters
  • Medical Personnel

Besides, those who are likely to come across an accident, or work in a location that is away from a hospital can benefit from hands-on training.

BLS Provides You With A More Comprehensive CPR Training

The BLS training certification is available from AHA (American Heart Association) that ultimately gears towards the healthcare providers. It includes multiple formats, including online courses, to teach skills.

However, many of the organizations are choosing to upgrade their training menus, providing BLS over CPR. By doing so, they emphasize on providing more comprehensive information and skills. 

Some of the things that the BLS CPR training class includes are:

  • Child, Infant and adult CPR
  • Administering oxygen masks, bleeding control, splinting breaks
  • Improving chest compression fraction
  • AED (automated external defibrillator) instruction
  • Handling cardiopulmonary emergencies

It Adds Value To Your CV

When seeking employment in specific fields, employers prefer applicants who are certified to administer life-saving techniques. Moreover, employers today prioritize the safety of their workplace than ever before and look out for the experienced individuals to offer services. 

After completing the BLS training, you get a certificate to perform basic first-aid and deliver emergency services. These skills, when added to your CV, increase your appeal to the hiring managers.

It Keeps You Prepared Always

One of the top reasons to acquire a BLS skill is that it keeps you ready and equipped to perform necessary support whenever needed. With proper training under the BLS certification program, you inculcate the habit of not being panic during tough situations. The knowledge and experience you gain from these classes would help you provide assistance to your family, colleagues, and even strangers. 

From choking to critical head injuries, this training course prepares trainees to handle all sorts of situations. Therefore, you would be better placed to respond to dangers without waiting for emergency services. Moreover, you can help the individuals caught up in extremities.

You Gain Confidence To Take Actions During Mishaps

No matter which profession you are working in, confidence is critical to deal with any circumstances. It is even more important when it comes to emergency conditions that require life-saving measures. Many of the people are reluctant to offer help in case of dangerous circumstances just because they aren’t sure how to respond. 

With BLS training, you’ll feel secure with the knowledge that you are taking the right actions to save a life. In addition, you would be able to take control of the situation and direct the bystanders as necessary. Also, you can explain the responders about the scenario using the right choice of words. 


No matter which profession you are into, administering BLS techniques makes you ready to take immediate actions to prevent the severe aftermath. Moreover, you never know when an emergency may involve your loved ones. So, get yourself enrolled for the course and keep your skills up-to-date.

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