5 Proven Ways to Keep Remote Employees Engaged and Motivated

If your employees are no longer motivated to work, your company isn’t going to succeed.

Poor motivation is often not to do with laziness but rather a lack of attention from management. So if you want to keep remote employees productive, you have to be open to change and create long-term solutions.

Keep reading to learn how to keep remote employees engaged with these 5 tactics.

1. Prioritize Employee Well-being

If employees are feeling unwell, either physically or mentally, encourage them to put their health first. Allow them to take a day off to recover without making them feel guilty about it.

You also want to show workers that you care about their health even when they’re doing well. To do this, share articles about ways to keep healthy or run a company-wide wellness program.

2. Make Employees Feel Heard

Employees are real people with families, emotions, and different backgrounds. So if they’re struggling, let them know that you see and hear them.

Set up virtual “office hours” where people can pop in and talk to you about difficulties they’re having with work or personal life.

You can also have a company meeting to discuss engagement, asking questions like; how remote work affects your motivation? Be open to hearing their thoughts and make real changes if something needs fixing.

3. Create a Rewards System

If workers feel that they’re not being noticed or appreciated, it will decrease motivation and cause people to leave the company.

To retain remote employees, send positive personal emails, do daily shoutouts for excellent work, or send small gifts. People will feel special when they receive a reward and work harder to receive another in the future.

And if you’re struggling to create this system yourself, use a rewards platform such as Axomo.

4. Help Employees to Connect

When employees don’t see people around the office every day, they feel very isolated. And nobody thrives in isolation.

You want to foster this connection by creating personal conversation channels or doing fun company activities to engage remote employees.

You can also allow 5 to 10 minutes before the start of each meeting to discuss people’s personal lives.

5. Inspire Creative Problem Solving

When employees feel that they must keep their heads down and do their work, it doesn’t foster an environment of creativity or engagement.

To change this, allow workers to help solve problems within the company. Ask questions like; how can we deliver better services to our customers?

This will make them feel creatively challenged, and they may just come up with some great solutions.

Now You Know How To Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Now that you’ve heard how to keep remote employees engaged, you need to implement some of these solutions. And while it may not be easy, it will definitely be worth it. Because while this is about making the company thrive, it’s also about making your hardworking employees thrive too.

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