5 Methods Google Webmaster Tools Can Enhance Your SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization techniques plays a significant role in the success and development of any online business irrespective of the size factor. There are so many latest SEO techniques available in the industry according to the Google updates. Most of the search professionals trust Google webmaster tools or GWT for analyzing the technical aspects of websites. These professionals aim on data such as page errors, rich snippets and crawl stats. Additionally to technical analysis, there are 5 essential ways to utilize webmaster tools for improving your own on-page search engine optimization, mentioned below:

1. Structured data

Structured data is one of the beneficial ways of explaining the content and information of your websites to various search engines. There may be some cases in which the structured data can support  to enhance exposure to traffic and rankings. If you have attained structured data on your website, GWT has features that depict the kind of structured data that the Google was capable of detecting on your website with the URL’s equipping each kind.

2. Content Keywords

Behind Google index, you will discover content keywords. This tool permits you to define not what you suppose that your website is about, but you need to know that how Google observes it. It depicts that keywords that are utilized on your website, along with the significance and variations related to the keyword. These data support you quickly determine if you require more content made around definite keywords, topics and themes. It also displays which web pages the keywords seems.

3. HTML Improvements

Behind Search Appearance, you will discover HTML improvements. It serves as a report that offers a snapshot of any of the problems with the title tags and meta description of your websites and also with records of any content or information which is not indexable. In the world of SEO, it is essential to maintain optimized title tags and distinct meta descriptions. It permits you to easily recognize the meta description or title tag problems and prioritize your work.

4. Removing URL’s

If you have to eliminate a URL from the index of the Google, you can utilize the feature of ‘Remove URL’s’ in the webmaster tools. It can consider as a powerful tool but you need to do all things carefully. If you want to eliminate a URL on the permanent basis, this tool is best suited option for you .

5. Sitemaps

The Sitemaps segment permits you to see all the Sitemaps that you have enlarged along with the statistics like last date on which the map processed and the number of pages which was submitted and indexed. These statistics can be seen by the type of the content that includes news, video, images and web. This tool also detects the presence of errors in your website, you just need to provide the URL of Sitemaps and after that the Google scan and tests it, and shows the results related to errors.These are some beneficial tools ans recommended by SEO  India Agency that you can consider  to enhance SEO strategy for your website.

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