5 Key Types of Managed IT Support to Drive Your Business Success

It’s estimated that businesses spent $1,031 billion worldwide on IT services in 2019. As more small businesses start embracing modern technology, they’re also improving their business’ productivity and security. 

If you haven’t updated your company’s computer hardware or cloud-based needs lately, you might want to consider it.

Otherwise, you’re likely falling behind the competition.

Here are five managed IT support services that can help keep your business up-to-date. Outsourced IT support can ensure your business never falls behind the curve. Instead, you can improve productivity and work better than ever.

Update your business with these five services!

1. Networking & Infrastructure

62% of business owners are already using cloud-based services. In addition to offering security, cloud-based IT services are also more secure and reliable. 

When searching for necessary managed IT support services, consider updating your infrastructure. A managed cloud infrastructure will make it easier for staff members to attend meetings. They’ll also have the ability to collaborate on projects easily online. 

Other managed IT support services for your network and infrastructure include:

  • Onsite infrastructure setup
  • Mobile networking
  • Managed storage backup
  • Remotely managed printing services

These changes can help your company work more efficiently and productively. The ability to upload and update assignments from anywhere in the world will make your employees’ lives easier, too!

2. Security Management

Customers are concerned about privacy and security more than ever. In order to keep your network and customers’ information secure, you need outsourced IT support

A managed IT provider can keep your company’s system safe with risk prevention services, such as:

  • Anti-malware software
  • Application compatibility between hardware and software
  • Patching and maintenance

Ongoing security management will ensure hackers and viruses can’t bypass your company’s security system. Using managed IT services Toronto is a good idea if you live in Canada.

3. Communication Services

IT communication services can help improve conferences and meetings between your team. These services include:

  • Data services for sharing information between devices
  • Voice services to allow one-on-one or multi-party conversations
  • Video services for conferences between multiple team members

These services will help your team sync communication from multiple devices and locations. These services are also beneficial for companies with remote call centers.

4. Software-as-a-Service

A managed IT services provider can also offer programs based on a per-month or per-year basis. Software-as-a-service (Saas) allows your team to work with the most up-to-date systems and programs.

Your team will also have the peace of mind that these programs are safe to use on any device.

As a result, you can keep your team running with top of the line software and security patches year-round.

5. Data Analytics

Networking technology is becoming more advanced (and complicated). In order to understand the latest trends and countless amounts of data, consider hiring a managed IT support provider. An IT provider can help your company plan for these new trends and implement the ones most likely to support your business goals.

Give Your Business an IT Boost: 5 Key Types of Managed IT Support

Give your business the boost it needs for ongoing success! With these five key types of managed IT support, you’ll never fall behind the curve again. 

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