5 Cool iPhone Accessories That Everyone Must Have

If you are one of those millions of Apple loyalists who are using an iPhone, you have guaranteed yourself that you are more productive than most others in this fast-paced world. Also, with the Apple iPhone prices that are higher than most other phones in the market, it is classified as a premium phone and the general notion of the people is that iPhone users are elites.  Just like the right footwear or the right tie can take your fashion quotient a notch higher and make your outfit standout from the crowd, using the right accessories with your iPhone can provide you a better user experience. Here are a few cool accessories that every iPhone user must have by his/her side:

Nomad Key

Today, a large number of mobile users carry a portable charger to keep their phone up and running. These devices come handy especially while travelling, but even the portable chargers run out of juice. This is where the nomad key comes as a handy tool to have. This portable device has a USB port at one end and a lightening port at the other; you can charge your phone anytime, anywhere you want as long as you find a USB to plug into. The best thing the nomad key is very handy to carry, and it can easily be attached to your key ring.

iPhone Socks

Yes, you heard it right, there is indeed an iPhone socks (it is not an Apple product). A brand called Sensoria has developed a high-tech socks that have a highly sophisticated motion sensor chip inside the socks. The chip not only lets you monitor the number of steps but also provides you valuable information on how you run, where you land your feet, how you hold your center of balance and the cadence. All you need to do is pair your iPhone with the socks, and you can monitor your run.

Elago Premium Privacy Protection Film

In today’s time identity, theft and fraud have become an everyday affair, and it is therefore imperative that you secure the vital information you have stored on your iPhone. This is where the Elago premium privacy protection film is of great help; it not only protects your identity but secures your phone’s display. Unless, you view the phone screen straight on, you can’t say anything displayed on the screen. This is excellent to keep yourself safe from the prying eyes of the strangers.

Incipio Feather Case

Since, the smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, you are sure to carry your iPhone everywhere you go. However, to assure safety for your phone it is best advised to use a good case. The Incipio feather case is lightweight, slim and looks attractive. The case made of tough polymer material not only keeps your iPhone safe from shocks and accidental bumps but also makes it easy to hold your phone.

Additional Storage

If you are using an iPhone with 8 GB or 16GB storage capacity, limited storage space is a difficulty. But, if you have i-FlashDrive EVO flash drive you can expand your phone’s memory capacity and keep all your important files safe. The drive is best used for watching movies in flight and also for creating a backup of all your mobile data. The flash drive allows you to easily transfer files between devices and your computer.



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