4 Things to Look for When Doing Laptop Brand Comparisons

When you decide to get a laptop, you want a machine that is dependable. And with the market flooded with numerous laptop brands, picking a laptop has become a big challenge. Now more than ever, buying a laptop has become one of the most taxing things to go through, especially for someone who knows very little about laptops.

Not to worry though; this post has some useful tips for you to use on your laptop search. Read on and learn the basics when it comes to branded laptop comparisons.

Find the perfect size for you – First things first; laptops came to replace the huge and bulky computers. So, anyone who intends to buy a laptop wants something that is compact enough to carry around but still powerful enough to run demanding applications. So, you can compare different laptop brands and the size of their laptops before picking one that favors your needs.

That said, laptops do vary in size and this is how:

  1. 11 inches to 12 inches – This is the smallest and the lightest laptop. Weighing about 3 to 4 pounds, this laptop size would be a perfect fit for ladies because it can easily fit in your handbag and you can comfortably travel with it.
  2. 13 inches to 14 inches – This laptop is a bit bigger but weighs less than 5 pounds. Just like the smallest size, it is portable and easy to use while on the go.
  3. 15 inches – This is the most popular laptop size. The laptop weighs about 5 to 6.5 pounds. Since it is not too big and neither is it too heavy, this laptop size would also be a great choice.
  4. 17 inches to 18 inches –If you want the kind of laptop that will sit on your desk every day, then this would be the laptop for you. It is the perfect laptop size for a workplace because it has the processing power anyone could ask for work productivity.

Find a laptop whose keyboard and touchpad are perfect – Let’s face it, they are certain keyboards whose keys do not respond when pressed. In other cases, the touchpads will also fail to respond or end up giving you a jumpy cursor. These are two features that you must look into when comparing different laptop brands.

You might have the most expensive laptop but what good is it if you have a hard time with your touchpad or keyboard? So, be keen enough to identify a laptop whose keys are perfectly placed and easy to press. Look for a working and responsive touchpad as well.

Consider the battery life – Your laptop battery life will depend on your brand choice. If you ask the experts, different laptop brands have different battery lives. If you are going for a bulky laptop that will sit on your desk every day, you don’t have to worry about the laptop’s battery life. This is because most office desks sit next to a power outlet and charging your laptop will not be a problem.

However, if you want a smaller laptop, one that you use even when on the go, you should consider a brand that offers the longest battery life. The best laptops in the market have batteries that can last up to 8 hours before the laptop needs to be recharged.

Consider your budget–Like mentioned above, there are numerous brands in the market. Every brand has a specific price quote depending on the specs and the size of their laptops. The best part is, these days you can get second-hand laptops at a better price than brand new laptops. So, if you cannot come up with the full amount needed for a brand new laptop, you can get a second-hand laptop at a cheaper price.

However, not forgetting that not everything that is second hand is in perfect condition, you can get recommendations from loved ones in regards to secondhand laptop sellers. Point is, you should be able to trust your supplier, especially when you are buying a second-hand laptop.

In conclusion, whether you are a student, a working fellow, or a parent who is buying his/her kids a laptop, always go for what is best. At the end of the day, a laptop should be reliable, dependable and easy to use. So don’t just choose a laptop because of its brand but also choose reliability, performance, and efficiency.

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