4 Projects to Boost Your Health at Home

  1. Did you know that no matter how often you clean your home it is still full of toxins? The air you breathe, the chemicals you clean with, the water you drink, can all hold dangerous contaminants that put you and your family at risk. There are some simple solutions though, to cut down on the toxins in your life.

Making Your Air Cleaner

Most homes use a standard HVAC system that blows air through a network of ducts. The new ductless air systems give you better indoor air quality by cutting down on a larger amount of dust, dirt, and allergens in the air. Plus, if one room always seems hotter in the summer and colder in the winter, the ductless system allows you to adjust the temperature of each room.

The ductless systems are also more efficient. It is estimated that 20 to 30 percent of air is lost through air ducts. The new systems end that problem and save you money on your electric bill.

Keep the Outdoors, Outside

As people go in and out during the day, dirt and allergens enter your home on shoes and clothing. Buying a doormat with strong bristles catches dirt and allergens before they enter your home. Add a second mat inside your door for extra protection and make sure you remove your shoes and outerwear at the door so not to track irritants through the house. If you have outdoor pets, clean them before they come in. Keep a few quick grooming tools outside in a sealed container so you can brush out fur, comb for fleas, and clean muddy paws before your pet enters the house.  

Make Water Healthier

Image via Flickr by Peter Harris

Public water supplies tainted with lead or sewage make headlines. But even if your city’s water is not in the news, a water filter makes sense. If a whole house filtration system is out of the question, use activated carbon filters on pitchers, taps, or under the sink. Refrigerator dispensers and ice makers need filters too and all water filters need changing every few months. Even bottled water is not always safe. Make sure never to drink or eat from plastic containers with No. 3, No. 6, or No. 7 on the bottom. Plastics with those numbers contain the harmful chemical BPA. The BPA seeps into food and drink and causes many health problems.

Even Cleaning Can be Harmful

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are groups of chemicals found in many cleaning products. The VOCs release like a gas into the air we breathe. Read labels and avoid chemical based cleaning products. Instead, substitute natural products like vinegar, lemon oil and water to mop hardwood floors. Use baking soda to scour pots and pans and stove tops.

Essential Oils are popular cleaning alternatives and they are naturally antibacterial. Mixing essentials oils like lemon, tea tree, or lavender with water lets you clean without the danger of harmful chemicals. These homemade cleaners kill germs just like the store-bought cleaners and leave your home smelling wonderful.

Remember, toxins seep into your home in many ways. Simple changes prevent these poisons from harming you and your family. 

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