3 Ways to Maintain a High Open Rate in Your Email Campaign

Email marketing is one of the biggest success stories of the past decade. It’s so popular that nearly 9 out of 10 marketers use email to promote products and services.

Despite that success, business owners can quickly become disillusioned with email marketing when an email campaign falls flat. However, when this does happen, it’s often due to a poor email open rate.

If you’ve had a disappointing email campaign, here are three simple ways you can boost your open rate for your next marketing promotion.

Provide More Value

If subscribers aren’t opening your emails, chances are they don’t see the value in what you’re sending to them. Have you been focusing too much on the number of emails you’re sending and not enough on quality?

By upping your game when it comes to value, you can set yourself apart from the hundreds of other emails your subscriber gets in their inbox each day.

Think about how you can wow your audience. Are you providing plenty of original content in your emails? Do you share the latest industry news before anyone else?

Do you provide free guides, videos, and vouchers? And do your emails contain exclusive content that they can’t get anywhere else?

Improving the content of your emails is your first step to boosting your email open rate. If you reduce the frequency of your emails but make the content a ‘must-read,’ you’ll find your open rate gradually moves higher.

Test Your Subject Lines

Are you enticing your subscribers to click on your email when it lands in their inbox? Most of us get tens, and sometimes hundreds, of emails a day. It often takes a split second to decide if you want to read or delete an email.

Run some tests on your email subject lines. Most autoresponders provide an A/B testing feature, which will allow you to email half your list one subject line and the other half a different one.

These tests will help you get a clearer picture of the subject headings that work best with your audience.

Clean up Your Email List

If you have noticed a recent drop in your average open rate, it might be time to spring clean your email list.

Chances are, your list of subscribers is full of cold addresses. These are people who no longer use that email address or don’t want your emails anymore but haven’t taken the time to unsubscribe.

Having many cold subscribers is problematic because you are more likely to get flagged up by the spam filters for the major email providers. Once you are flagged as spam, getting reasonable open rates is an uphill battle.

Use an email list cleaning service to help get your subscriber list back in a good state, and remove the email subscribers damaging your open rate.

Great Open Rates Equates to More Sales

Even minor improvements in your email open rate can significantly impact your online sales, especially if you have thousands of email subscribers.

Take the time to focus on these three methods to boost your email open rate and reap the rewards in months and years to come.

What’s your top tip for improving email open rates? Please leave a reply below and share your ideas with us.

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