3 Ways a Sex Doll Can Benefit Your Health

Everyone is afraid of something. It can be a creepy-looking spider or a fear that stems from a real-life experience like a fear of driving because you’ve been in a serious accident. Life-altering phobias can affect your everyday life at work and at home. They can even take a hit at your social life.

Sexual and relationship phobias are especially difficult to talk about, as individuals who don’t experience such phobias may not completely understand them. But the fact is, being intimate with other people can cause a variety of mental and physical symptoms that typically result from a sort of anxiety. The reasons this may happen are numerous, and there are many ways to overcome them. One popular option is through the use of a sex doll. Companies such as California Sex Dolls offer hyper-realistic options that have helped individuals overcome intimacy fears. They also provide many additional health benefits. Here are three ways these sex dolls can benefit your health.

Sexual phobias

Phobias are described as an irrational fear of something which causes you to avoid it completely. A mental health care professional can help you overcome or deal with your fears. While everyone has things in their life that make uncomfortable, those who have phobias, such as sexual phobias, are often crippled by them. One way sex dolls can be used is when facing aphenphosmphobia, or the fear of being touched. Touching someone in a sexual manner can be exciting but also cause a variety of nervous feelings. With soft, realistic skin and features, these dolls simulate a real person. Many have AI built in and respond to you and your touch in an environment you’re comfortable with. When talking to a real human, you never know what they may say which can be upsetting when you are in the process of healing. Dolls give you the confidence of holding a conversation you control.

Philophobia is the fear of emotional attachment or falling in love. People in relationships can fight or have differences that may cause uncomfortable situations you may not be ready for. Or maybe you have just left an abusive relationship and aren’t ready to go out and date, but you still want to share a closeness with someone. Anxiety stemming from the unknown can cause symptoms such as fast heart rate, nausea, and even dizziness. Dolls help you satisfy your longing for closeness without triggering a panic attack.

Sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can happen to men and women and can be caused by a medical condition or natural aging. About 43 percent of women suffer from some aspect of sexual dysfunction. If you are an older woman, it may be an embarrassing issue you don’t want to discuss. You may want to be intimate but are intimidated by asking what you want. A doll can help ease the pressure between you and your partner. Together, you can show your significant other how you want to experience sex and intimate situations with the doll. Some women experience pain from penetration due to pelvic disorders, scarring from childbirth or diseases such as endometriosis. Using a doll, you and your partner can enjoy intimate moments without the fear of being in pain from penile penetration.


There is nothing wrong with spending time with yourself. Alone time can be beneficial and calming, allowing you to catch up on things you enjoy such as reading. However, some people experience loneliness from lack of a relationship. These individuals can find companionship with a sex doll. About 60 million people in the US are said to be suffering from being alone. Some experts say human beings are social creatures, enjoying the company of each other for a variety of reasons, but sometimes people don’t always develop the same connections. You may find you are lonely and need of a human-like attachment without the stress of dealing with a person. Sex dolls are not only there for intimate times, but you can give them a name and personality of your choosing.

With the rise in technology, dolls are being designed to look, feel, and act like an actual person. People who find that they suffer from social awkwardness can relax in the presence of their AI doll. You don’t have to worry about someone talking over you at a party or not knowing what to say. A doll can help you learn how to communicate with others once you feel comfortable in such a setting.

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