10 Types of Vacations You May Not Have Thought Of

We all have a few vacation destinations on our bucket list. Yours might include The Taj Mahal, Venice, Japan, Paris, The Grand Canyon, or Los Angeles. While we tend to focus on destinations, there are certain types of trips that should be on your bucket list as well. Each one of these trips offers a different way to see the world.

A Spur-of-the-Moment Trip

You might be a go with the flow kind of person. You might be a serious planner. Either way, you should take one spur of the moment trip before you die. You could purchase a plane ticket to Florida one weekend when prices are low. You could drive off to see your best friend in Kentucky. You could get a sudden windfall of money, and decide to go to London tomorrow. Most trips require planning, but you should enjoy the fun and spontaneity of a spur of the moment trip at least once.

A Homestay

By now, you’ve probably heard of a homestay. They’re the homes of people all across the world, where you can stay for a low price. It’s a little like VRBO or Airbnb, but with a homestay, there’s an expectation that you’ll get to know your homestay family. You’ll experience their culture with them, and they’ll show you around their city. If you’re introverted and enjoy your privacy, you might not want to spend every vacation like this. Everyone should experience another culture this way at least once, though.

A Solo Vacation

We usually take vacations with friends and family, but you should take a solo vacation once in your life. Go on a trip, by yourself. It might be a frightening thought, but it’s a chance to stretch yourself and be your own boss. You can relax at Mackinac Island lodging, stay in New York, or go camping in the mountains. You could enjoy the silence of nature, or meet new friends at a pub. A solo trip can be an amazing chance to get to know yourself better.


At some point in your life, you should go backpacking. You might not have the stamina to travel dozens of miles in a day, but you can still spend a week hiking across a country. By night, you can set up camp and enjoy nature with minimum resources. Backpacking is a great way to enjoy a beautiful landscape, like the Rocky Mountains or Southern China. Be prepared for your trip, however. Make sure you get real hiking shoes and wool socks! Blisters will become a nightmare, so don’t backpack without the proper equipment.

A Volunteering Trip

Usually, we take vacations to enjoy ourselves, but at least once in your life, you should take a volunteer trip. You could go on a missions trip with a church, work with a nonprofit, or even volunteer with the peace corps. You might build an orphanage or help distribute medical supplies. A trip like this can help shape your perspective of the world, and organizations need volunteers all across the planet.

An Ancestry Trip

With sites like ancestry.com and DNA tests, it’s easier than ever to get connected to our ancestors. If you’re American, it’s likely that your ancestors came from all over the world, and you could take a trip to reconnect with them. You could visit the village in Germany where your great great great grandmother grew up, or meet your relatives still living in India. Ancestry is important, and you might enjoy taking a trip to celebrate your roots.

A Cruise

Cruises might seem like they’re for the wealthy, or people too scared to fly. You might not be able to afford a cruise right now, but put it on your bucket list. Cruises can be everything from tropical destinations to wintry sightseeing excursions. You could enjoy balmy tropical sea breezes and stop for surfing lessons in Waikiki or see a whale as you enjoy Alaska from the comfort of a cruise ship’s deck.

A Nothing But Nature Trip

Sometimes, we all need to take a break from work. We all need to take a break from the daily responsibilities of our lives. But sometimes, we also need to take a break from our devices. Usually, we bring our phones with us on vacation. We take photos, upload them to Instagram, and keep our Facebook friends updated on our adventures. At least once in your life, however, you should take a trip without your device. Turn off your phone, and leave it off. Instead, enjoy places to see on Florida’s Gulf Coast and experience nature without a device.

A Road Trip

Road trips were probably more fun in the 1960s when gas was less expensive. The tradition lives on, however, and you should experience a good road trip at least once in your life. You can map your destination out ahead of time, or just drive. You might travel to North Bend, OR and spend a night at The Mill Casino, or you could sightsee your way to the grand canyon. Road trips are great for trying spur of the moment restaurants and playing card games, too.

A Staycation

Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, you may realize that–ultimately–there’s no place like home. There’s a lot to be enjoyed, right in the city where you live. To make your staycation feel like a trip, you can head to a local hotel or B&B and just spend the weekend enjoying the attractions of your town. You probably leave near museums, beautiful hiking trails, public gardens, or summer festivals. Enjoy your town from the perspective of a tourist!

The world is wide, and there’s a lot to see. Instead of always flying, staying in a hotel, and taking hundreds of pictures on your phone, vary the types of travel you enjoy. There’s more than one way to see India, and more than one way to see the town where you live.

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