10 Instagram Marketing Strategies Every Brand Needs To Know

Instagram is growing as the largest social media network not only for entertainment but also for marketing purposes. Millions of users remain active on instagram with its impressive performance and improvement in its features. Many popular brands are using free Instagram followers for expanding the reach of their businesses and to interact with their potential customers. Here in this blog we have described 10 instagram marketing strategies every brand needs to know for using their instagram in the best possible ways:

  • Hashtags should be on priority

Along with posting quality images, it is also essential to use hashtags properly. While captions tells what your image is about, hashtags like www.instafollowfast.com led to the sharing of images to wide group of outside people other than your followers. If you use some famous hashtags on your post then it will definitely reach to your targeted audiences. In addition you can also create some unique hashtags related to your niche and make it popular as well.

  • Make yourself a member of instagram community

There is nothing better than to use your instagram for building some genuine relationships and friends. There are various ways for making you a part of instagram community. Using hashtags are most common way to connect with more and more users. Linking or commenting is another medium through which you can increase your engagement with other users by like their posts. Additionally, you can also make feel your presence on instagram community by sharing photos and videos from events which you carry on.

  • Deal right with the posting frequency

When you are leading a business account with your instagram, then it is important for you to know about how many posts you should share. Analyze wisely regarding what time your followers are most active and post according to their requirements. Sharing too much is also not good for your business. There is a direct relationship between the posts you share each day and the engagement you get from it.

  • Share images related to your niche

For encouraging your instagram profile and gain the attention of many followers, you should always post images relevant to your brand. If your business is about food then try to post images related to food and not related to latest fashion. Most famous brands often take care of their brand image. They focus on a theme related to their brand and posts in relation to that to gain followers. Instead of posting promotions through captions, make sure your images convey the mission.

  • Optimize your entire profile

It usually does not take much time to completely optimize your instagram profile. However, optimizing your profile can make a huge difference in your growth and engagement. Certain factors that should be taken into consideration for optimization are- giving a link back to your site, make sure your images are well defined, mention the logo of your company somewhere in your profile, create your brand oriented hashtag so that people could recognize you, write your physical location if possible, promote your profile on other social accounts.

  • Make use of instagram ads

Instagram ads are another best medium to promote your account among millions of active users. Create some attractive and mind boggling ads for your users related to your brand that will leaves an everlasting print in their minds. You could also make use of paid promotions of instagram to sponsor your ads. In this way, you will be able to gain many followers and ultimately leads to the growth of your brand.

  • Be a follower

While attracting the people to follow your instagram profile, you should also become a follower and follow some prominent accounts to be friends with people. When someone likes, comments, or follows your post then you should also follow back to show your interest in their posts. You should also stay in contact with the people you already know. Use tools like keyhole and gramfeed that allows you to search for relevant users, photos and videos through hashtags.

  • Post engaging photos and videos

During posting on your instagram account, always think about what your viewers would like to see. The best way to keep your followers tuned with your profile is to give them what they want. Share the things that are relevant for delivering your business purposes. It is also recommended that using light colors can increase the reach of your posts rather than using dark colors. Videos also play a vital role for marketing your brand through instagram. People are tending to inclined towards videos which show the actual activities and events going on.

  • Use right tools to streamline your efforts

There are many online tools accessible to give a boost to your efforts. One of such tool is Iconosquare that enables you to open your account on the web, analyze which photos and videos of yours are getting most like and what people are following or unfollowing your profile. Another tool is Schedugram which helps to view, schedule and manage your posts. These tools can save your time and can instantly remind you of your progress.

  • Post consistently

Consistency is the way to achieve success through proper execution of work. You should try to posts regularly in order to stay engaged with your followers. Never end a single day without posting anything on your page. If you think you are not able to share on your profile consistently, then you can also take assistance from a professional manager to maintain your reputation.


So, if you try with these 10 marketing strategies then your brand will definitely grow. In recent times, every next marketer is using instagram for promotion of their brand and it reaps huge benefits for all.

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