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  • World
    Assange appears in the form of a hologram

    Ok, Assange has gone a bit hi tech now. If sources are to be...

  • Mobile
    Report: Nokia’s “Here” Apps For Android and iOS Platform

    Here is the latest report that Nokia in plans to launch its “Here” mapping...

  • Technology
    Google Glass Materials Value Is Just $80

    As we all know that Google is well-know for its inventions, services and innovative...

  • Asia
    Report: Galaxy Gold phone in India

    Samsung India is all set and in plans to launch their android flip phone called “Galaxy Gold” in India and this news has been confirmed by But we can’t predict too much on this report as we didn’t have any confirmed info on this but as per sources...

  • Apps
    Some essential tips to help you select the best web development services

    If you have an active business running, you need to be vigilant about all the aspects that are crucial to the success of your business. This involves looking after the advertising, sales and other such facets. However, being tied up with work is not an excuse to overlook your...

  • Technology
    Report: Apple will show new iPhone at September 10th event

    Here is the latest report that Apple is planning to announce the next generation of Apple iPhone. However, company will announce this news at an event in September 10 almost a month from today. Actually this has been first reported by All Things D, According to them company will...

  • Green
    How To Get To The Bottom Of Poor Cell Phone Reception

    Cell phones are a fact of life, and are now something that most of us would consider to be an essential item. With the wide spread usage of cell phones, large numbers of phone towers have been creeping their way into the landscape around our towns and cities, and...

  • Entertainment
    Sky TV is a great service with various offerings and deals

    Nowadays broadcasting and Television set-top-box services are well set in United Kingdom and one of them is SKY TV and their other broadcasting offerings that provide better connecting options and line to watch television in high-definition quality with minimum of interruptions but with variety of options in Sky package...

  • Business
    Yahoo’s Earning is improved in second quarter

    Yahoo, an Internet giant after appointing its new CEO Marissa Mayer last year in the month of July company consistently working on improving its products and have special treatment for its earnings as well. Following this agenda, company beat the expecting earning of second quarter but didn’t succeed to...

  • Technology
    Technologies That Can Significantly Help Reduce Daily Operation Cost

    For any business, it is common sense to reduce the input costs in any way possible. For this reason, they do canvassing and a comparison of prices for fixed and variable inputs that have to purchase. Examples of these are office equipment and supplies such as paper and ink....

  • Gadgets
    Report: Samsung to Introduce S4 Mini on June 20

    Here is the latest report that Samsung is likely to announce the mini version of Galaxy S4 on June 20 at London event. This phone ha already been unveil by them accidentally on an app site of Samsung. In this event, Samsung’s galaxy brand devices will be fall in...

  • Asia
    Samsung achieved sales of 12.5 Million smartphones in China in Q1 2013

    Samsung made some great achievements in past few years with their successful Galaxy series including some flagships like Galaxy S III and IV but great things we’d like about this company is that their revenue and earning performance is increase day by day. And this time they come up...

  • Technology
    The circle of life – how to recycle your Xbox 360

    With 2013 set to be one of the biggest years in gaming for a very long time, with the arrival (finally) of the Playstation 4 and the new Xbox 720, this might be the time to start preparing yourself for the future of gaming. It’s been eight years since...

  • Mobile
    Android is receiving 1.5 Million Activations Per day

    Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google confirmed that Google is now seeing almost 1.5 Million android activation each day that is great value for any mobile OS company. It was confirmed by Eric at Drive into Mobile Tech Conference Today. If we compare activation of this year with previous...

  • Mobile
    HTC One will not available on Verizon

    This is to inform you all guys that HTC’s new android flagship “HTC One” will not be available to largest carrier of United States. It means Verizon will not be going sell HTC One and this was revealed by HTC USA’s tweet and they said in reply to a...

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