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  • Apps
    Instagram Launches Boomerang, An App For Mini Video Loops

    Instagram is well known for it’s simplistic and creative photo editing features, but it seems the Facebook-owned...

  • Mobile
    Front Camera Support Arrived In Hyperlapse App

    Here is the latest report that Instagram has added front camera support in its standalone app called...

  • Mobile
    Instagram’s Hyperlapse App Is Ideal For Lapse Videos

    Here is the latest report that Instagram has announced their new app, called Hyperlapse (a new app...

  • Business
    Instagram Ads For International Users Soon

    Here is the latest report that Instagram will be going to display ads on its services for...

  • Mobile
    Instagram 6.0 New Features In brief

    Here is the latest report that Instagram has announced number of newly feature for Insta users and...

  • Mobile
    Instagram on Windows Phone but lack of video support

    Here is the latest report that Instagram, one of the popular photo sharing app that has been initially displayed on iOS and later on Android and then acquired by Facebook. But finally this amazing has made it’s debut on Microsoft’s vary own operating system Windows OS but after being available for Windows...

  • Mobile
    Instagram for Windows phone, officially announced

    Here is the latest report that Instagram for Windows Phone has been officially announced and it might be happened because of increasing popularity of Windows operating system and Lumia series. Recently, Nokia hold an event called Nokia World in Abu Dhabi including Lumia 1520 (phablet), Lumia 2520 (Windows RT) and other affordable...

  • Marketing
    Instagram to begin rolling out ads in two months

    Here is the latest report that Instagram, a social photo exploring site owned by Facebook have just confirmed that they are going to rolling occasional in-feed ads in form of image and video in couple of month. As per rumors are suggesting, it might be possible that these ads are only visible...

  • Entertainment
    Bieber receives 1M likes on his Instagram video post

    As we all know that Justin Bieber has great fan following on web and again his fan made him proud by providing him first 1M likes on his Instagram video post. The video posted by ‘Boyfriend’ singer features a shirtless Bieber informing his fans about Instagram’s newly introduced features. Reportedly, Justin Bieber...

  • Social Media
    Report: 5 Millions Videos uploaded on Instagram

    Facebook’s strategy of creating video support for Instagram seems to succeed because their users have already uploaded 5 Million videos during the first 24 hours of availability. Firstly Mashable reported about milestone of 5 Milliosn videos uploaded on Instagram and they’ve said in their article that “Number of celebrities ranging from Justin...

  • Facebook
    Facebook is likely to announce video support for Instagram on June 20

    Facebook in plans to add video support to its billion dollar acquisition of Instagram. Rumors suggests that company will be going to announce video support after images. It will be announce on June 20 at Facebook event venue and the main perception behind Facebook to add video support Instagram is also because...

  • Twitter
    Report: Twitter Will Add Photo Filters

    Here is the latest report coming from various sources that Twitter in plans to add photo filters...

  • Social Media
    Instagram Breaks 80 Million Users Rope and Twitter’s Support As Well

    Here is the latest report that Instagram, a photo sharing service have just announced that their services...

  • Mobile
    Instagram Updates the Android App Support For Nexus 7

    Here is the latest report that Instagram has recnetly updates their Android app for Nexus 7 support....

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    Simply Instagram plugin for your blog

    Here is the latest plugin for your blog and according to the author of this plugin The Simply...

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