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    How To Hack or Spy Snapchat Account

    We’ve seen huge success of Youtube and Facebook as one of the best video sharing & social...

  • Apps
    How To Spy On WhatsApp Messages For Free (No Root or App Required)

    Nowadays everyone wants to peep into the privacy of other people. For some, It’s a fun thing...

  • Entertainment
    Why do we Hack?

    After all these hacking incidents going all around the world with the latest one being the iCloud...

  • Apps
    A Secret App

    Hacking is a concept which was never new but hacking applications in smartphone isn’t something new either....

  • Asia
    CERT-India declares around 62,200 incidents of cyber security had been reported!

    Cyber security should be seriously considered by each and every individual or company that’s active in the...

  • Technology
    Bitly Is Having Security Issues

    Here is the latest report that Bitly, a popular URL shortening service is facing security issues and...

  • Technology
    Adobe hacked by hackers, almost 2.9 Millions users became victim

    Adobe announced that it’s system has been hacked by hackers and it might be possible that about 2.9 Millions users of Adobe system’s data is exposed along with their credit card info. Like, we all know that behind photoshop and other major software, there is Adobe and they have claimed that the attacker...

  • Facebook
    Facebook Home is hacked for your benefit

    Facebook has announced its “Facebook Home” few days ago but it was officially available on Google Play from yesterday but limited to exceptional android devices including HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II and HTC First. In addition, Facebook says that HTC One and Galaxy...

  • Technology
    Big Headache For Skype, Disable The Password Resets

    Here is the latest report that Skype’s users aren’t secure by hackers. According to sources, Russian hackers have discovered a security hole in Skype’s password recovery tool that allows a third party to take control of your account. All the hackers require is your Skype username and the email address that Skype account...

  • Technology
    Protect Your Computer from Virus, Monday is coming

    It is very difficult to survive when your computer is targeted by a virus, But there is...

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