A Guest Blogger’s Guide to Penguin 2.1

A Guest Blogger’s Guide to Penguin 2.1

Penguin 2.1 was released on October 4, 2013 and promised to clean up the mess brought about by irresponsible SEO companies who are only around to make a quick buck. Penguin 2.1 was supposed to give the search engine user more relevant search results to their queries and there are 5 must known facts about Guest Blogging after Penguin 2.1.

Now you might be wondering; why would Google release a program that would affect the results of one’s online queries?
Well, according to Google, the main purpose here was to limit spamming and links that mislead. Ever since the boom, in Search Engine Optimization as a means to advertise, many companies have sprung up. These companies have found ways to cheat their clients by promising higher rankings on the search results while leading the readers, and researchers, to empty and broken links, that has no connection to their original query.

Penguin 2.1 of course helped clear up the debris on the internet considerably. On the other hand though, many honest bloggers and SEO companies were also affected by this, and mostly in negative ways.

Here are 5 must known facts blogging tips about Guest Blogging after Penguin 2.1:

1.   Guest bloggers must be wary of their postings. Penguin 2.1 is quite sensitive and is able to track keywords used so guest bloggers have to be careful that they don’t overload on the keywords just for the sake of meeting a quota.

2.   Bloggers must be more discerning of the links being posted. Penguin 2.1 will immediately exclude sites or blogs from the search results if they are found to contain what are considered to be erroneous links.

3.   Link juice is important but content so much more. Again, Penguin 2.1 is sensitive to the content found on sites and blogs and those that are considered to be spam will be excluded from the search results.

4.   Penguin 2.1 does not exclude any site or blog from it sweep. This means the bloggers and SEO companies need to constantly check the traffic on their website. If there seems to be a drop in visitors then chances are a sweep has been done; so they need to do their own checking to get rid of the anomalous links.

5.   Guest blogging is not easy free advertising anymore. Guest bloggers need to be more discerning about the posts they leave on their host blog because of the effect this might have on the said blog.

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