Twelve Apple iOS 7 Tips and Tricks

Twelve Apple iOS 7 Tips and Tricks

Control Centre – Control Centre is a new feature of iOS 7. To access it, swipe up from the bottom of the display.

Restrict Apps in Eating Data – Users can now block apps that eat up their data plan. Go to Settings > Cellular then scroll down and see the option to toggle on and off the apps that can use the data plan.

Add Extra Security – Passcode is a way of adding security to your device. You lock your device with a password or a PIN. Go to Settings > General and selecting Passcode Lock.

New Siri Abilities – Siri now has a new voice. It can help you listen to a voicemail. It can also be used to return a missed phone call. To make a request, open Siri with a long press on the home button.

Spotlight – Use the Spotlight feature when you are looking for contents in your iDevice. Swipe from the middle of your screen downwards to access Spotlight.

Mail – E-mails inside the Mail app can be flagged as read or unread in a few simple steps. Click on the “Edit” button at the top right-hand side of the screen and then choose “Mark All” option in the lower left-hand corner. A popup window will then appear that will give you the option to either flag e-mails or mark them all as read or unread.

Camera Burst Mode – To take burst shots, simply press down the camera shutter and the camera will take 10 photos in succession.

Text Adjust – You can adjust the size and font of the text in your device to make it more readable. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and toggle the Bold Text option to ON.

Call Blocking – You can block certain callers that you do not want to hear from. Go to a contact’s entry and scroll down to the bottom and select “Block this Caller” to block the contact.

Background App Refresh – Apps can automatically refresh in the background and you may not be aware of how much this can drain your battery and data plan. This allows, for example, a weather app to update the forecast automatically. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, to turn off the switch.

Bluetooth – Do you use Bluetooth? If not, turn it off to save battery life, and for extra security.

Wallpaper – The parallax view is a pretend 3D effect that adds depth between the phone’s wallpaper and the icons on the screen. Many users have found that this makes them feel dizzy if looked at for a while. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility, and then switch on Reduce Motion which turns off the home screen’s parallax view.

Wifi Searching – If you want to save battery power when you are nowhere near any wifi hotspots, access the Control Centre and turn off wifi.

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