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Samsung to unveil news windows and android devices on june 20th

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Samsung in plans to host an event in London on June 20th where it will be going to unveil news windows and android devices. For this, they have also released a new image regarding their windows and android devicesin its press release section on its press website for mobile devices. The post says, “Samsung Premiere 2013 Galaxy & Ativ”

In this event, Samsung’s galaxy brand devices will be fall in the category of android devices whereas Windows-based devices, including its Windows 8 and Windows RT laptops, tablets and hybrids products will fall into the category of Ative devices.

In addition to this, Samsung will live streaming the event on its YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/SamsungMobile). This event will be on its way just one week after Apple’s yearly developer conference, WWDC. In this particular event, Apple  makes some significant announcements about its upcoming software and hardware.

Microsoft has also scheduled its 2013 Build conference, which is scheduled to begin on June 26. Microsoft is likely to unveil Windows Blue, an update to Windows 8.

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