A Mid-Sized Company in Crisis Saved by Cognos Express

A Mid-Sized Company in Crisis Saved by Cognos Express

One of the means by which we have determined to reduce costs is to use IBM Cognos Express. This might not be a conventional move, but we were confident that we made the right call. Many mid-size companies are already benefiting from the greater productivity afforded by the software. We are already enjoying greater efficiency, particularly with regard to reporting activities. We started using this particular IBM product in the last quarter of 2011. And by mid-2012, our savings are quite considerable. 

First of all, this program is very affordable. For a tool that has so many capabilities, it is one of the most cost-effective programs available in the market today. We are a typical mid-sized company and we, during that time we had so many expenses to deal with. Full recognition of the crisis we are in came at the opportune moment. We were even considering letting go of some people, but thankfully, we did not have to do that. Finding this pre-configured solution when we did allowed us to keep everyone we had.
One of the reasons why we did not have second thoughts in getting IBM  Cognos Express  is the fact that there is no other business intelligence solution that is designed specifically for mid-size companies such as ours. It has all the basic capabilities that we require, namely planning, analysis, dashboard, scorecard, budgeting, reporting, and forecasting as well.

Our IT staff (all of them are still happily working here) were very grateful for the newest set of tools that we had purchased within budget. It was the first business analytics software that we had ever purchased and used. And we were lucky that something as streamlined as available as this tool set was already available when we needed it. It was initially launched in 2009 and when we purchased in 2011, other companies already have feedback available for us to peruse. As I’ve said, we were in a tight place financially at that time, and the feedback provided by companies helped us much. We took a risk, but our decision-making process was informed and backed by available data. 

This software has not only seen us through a critical time. It had also given us the confidence to plan ahead and risk more innovative projects. The amount of savings from cost cutting that is has granted our company is now being felt on all levels. If there were no such software designed form mid-sized companies, we probably would have experienced a longer crisis period. And even if we really needed business intelligence and performance management software, we would not have been able to afford what large, multi-national companies deploy. 

Now, Express Advisor, Express Reporter and Express Xcelerator, the three component products of this BI software are an integral part of our business operations. It has proven its claims of convenient and easy usage. What we are looking at now is integrating it with Cognos Mobile. It is very exciting to explore this new innovation, and we are seriously considering availing its very promising features.
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