WordPress 3.5 – Installation, Configuration & Using New Features

WordPress 3.5 – Installation, Configuration & Using New Features

WordPress, as you might know, is web software that allows users to create personal blogs or websites. Used by over 60 million people across the globe, WordPress is designed and developed by thousands of WordPress community volunteers. There are a number of WordPress themes and plugins that can be used to transform and personalize websites and blogs.

WordPress 3.5:

WordPress 3.5 has been officially released. Setting up WordPress 3.5 is a simple process and there are two ways in which it can be done. One is through an installation process and the other is by upgrading an existing installation.

Requirements for Installation:

Installing WordPress is an easy process but here are certain requirements for installing:

  • Access to web server
  • Software to proceed with installation
  • Text editor
  • FTP client
  • Web Browser of choice

Before Installation:

  • Ensure that you and web host fulfill the minimum requirements to run WordPress
  • Download WordPress 3.5.
  • Unzip the file
  • Save it in a folder in your computer’s hard drive
  • Keep the secure password for your secret key ready.
  • Make a copy of this page and keep it handy.

Installing WordPress 3.5:

  • Unzip the downloaded WordPress 3.5 package
  • Create WordPress database on web server
  • Create MySQL user with complete accessing and modifying privilege.
  • Rename the wp-config-sample.php file into wp-config.php file.
  • Open the wp-config.php file in a text editor using your database details such as database name, database username, and password and database host name.
  • Upload the WordPress file in your web server.
  • Access the wp-admin/install.php file and run the installation script.



Everyone would like to update their WordPress installation to the latest version. Reasons for updating to the latest version can vary. You might want to take advantage of the new features and functionalities available in the latest version or use the new security fix released by WordPress.

Points to remember before upgrading:

  • Before updating to the latest version, check whether you meet the latest minimum requirements
  • Take a backup of your entire database.
  • The final step is to disable plugins. Most times some plugins are not compatible with latest versions so it is always better to disable plugins that might hamper the installation process.

Upgrading to WordPress 3.5:


  • Click the automatic update link in the new version banner
  • Alternatively access the upgrade or update settings in the tools menu.
  • You can even click update automatically to begin process.


Once you finish installing WordPress 3.5, you can create blogs for each site and copy required themes and plugins.

  • Install WordPress 3.5:

Make sure you have successfully installed or upgraded to WordPress 3.5.

  • Multisite:
    • Adding multisite in WordPress install requires editing wp-config.php file. But before creating a network, it is advisable to take a backup of the database. Deactivate every active plugin before creating new network.
    • To be able to setup network menu, define multisite in wp-config.php file first. Access Network setup under the tools section in the Administrations menu.
    • You can choose between sub domain and sub directories while the network details are filled-in automatically
    • You then need to enable the network by adding the specified lines to wp-config.php file and to .htaccess file.
    • Now, you can access the network admin settings like My sites, dashboard etc.
  • Create blogs for each site:

For each site you want to host as a separate domain, you can create blogs.


  • Import the exported WXR files:

Now, you need to access the backend of each blog to import all the exported WXR files. Make sure you map the authors with proper users and bring-in all the attachments and the photos also.

  • Themes and Plugin files:

Before installing themes and plugins, make sure they are supported by the latest version. If they are not, look for supported alternatives plugins. Themes from your old WordPress can be copied in to new WordPress directories.

  • Edit Configuration settings

Simply edit the configuration settings for each site.

New Features in WordPress 3.5:

  • Twenty Twelve Theme:
    • It is easy to install and flexible to use.
    • Comes with a responsive design.
    • Comes with automatic feed links, navigation menus, custom headers and editor style sheets.
  • Administrators Powers:
    • Comes with an all new welcome screen.
    • Links manager of new installs are not showed anymore.
    • Comes with better access to touchscreen devices, screen readers and keyboards.
  • Media Manager:
    • The new media manager comes with a streamlined interface.
    • Makes it possible to insert multiple images at the same time.
    • Comes with the drag and drop ordering, simple controls and caption editing (inline)
  • Accessibility:
    • Direct and shortcut access to ‘skip to toolbar’ added.
    • Provides easier access to admin.
  • Dashboard:
    • Rectangular buttons
    • Access Prompt text in QuickPress easily

As always, installing WordPress 3.5 is a very simple and straightforward process. And WordPress 3.5 comes with a number of new features and improved functionalities.

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