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Penguin Types of Safe Links You Can Get

Penguin Types of Safe Links You Can Get

Penguin is the update from Google, which is meant to enhance the quality of search results. It recognizes only those sites in the search results, which promise quality. After this update, the SEO game has simply changed. A number of websites were badly hit by this update, while many were seen starting the SEO game from scratch. However, this has open the doors to people who understand the way algorithm works and thus help such people to get loads of traffic. In practice, this update would also allow you know the way it is used. So, when you see your competitors getting hampered, you get the opportunity to make your SEO rules simple. In this post, you will get the idea of building Penguin types of safe links, let’s check them out:

Guest blogging

This is among the most powerful methods to get Penguin types of safe links for your sites. All you are supposed to do is to try getting back links from blogs and sites having quality content. Google simply loves such links coming from quality places especially when it comes from your niche area. There are many ways of finding good quality content blogs, which can give you the back links. Though Google could penalize a number of strategies, but certainly not the guest posts provided it has quality in it. So, while doing so, make sure end up producing useful and interesting content for the readers, which can attract readers to your site.

Social bookmarking sites

Though these kinds of links could appear to you like a spam, yet it is not going to be penalized by Google. Anyone can easy try this option and do find a number of bookmarking links without any hassle. Google simply avoid checking your links since it will only going to check the number of votes your links are securing. Google treats these votes as social signals and more number of votes is the indication of high quality content. Also, Google considers the number of times; your site was shared over Google Plus, Facebook or Twitter along with the number of votes secured through the social booking sites. The only mantra, which works here, is to get votes naturally and hence simply avoid buying social votes as these could be easily found out by Google’s algorithms.

Blog comments

This is also among the best methods to secure a number of good links without any hassle. Though there are few people who think that it doesn’t really work, yet it happens to be the best way to get back links. The most vital blog comments comes from relevant blog posts including both the do-follow and no-follow links. Make sure you carry out blog comments over quality blogs. Before doing blog comments, it is important to check the PR of blog domain and post of the place you are looking out for blog commenting.

Social signals

Google loves any link which is often shared over a number of social networking sites including Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. The more is the number of shares over social media sites, the more would be the importance given by Google. The best way to get good social signals is by using high quality pictures over your web pages, this will propel the users to share your content over Pinterest (and similar places) thus giving quality back links for your site or blog.

Final word

Trying the above methods could help you in understanding the SEO game better and end up getting some of the best back links for your sites. Understanding these strategies and implementing them wisely would give you Penguin type of safe links. So, what are waiting for? Go get them and yield the best results.

Editor’s Note: Alia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes in Reviews.

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