Google Rolls Out Jam with Google Chrome

Google Rolls Out Jam with Google Chrome

Google has launched a new app called Jam with Chrome for its Chrome browser. It can be a good entertainment for everyone, from casual music players who want to let loose during their leisure time to pros who need a serious practice session for their next performance. Programmed using HTML5, Jam with Chrome is too tempting to avoid. Just try it once and you will not want to stop even after hours. It looks like a collection of toy musical instruments but once you start playing, you will find yourself going to it as often as possible. All that you need to enjoy using this app is an ear for music. You can choose from an assortment of 19 musical instruments including five keyboards, two acoustic guitars, five drum sets, three bass guitars, and more. You can switch instruments in between a music session.

What’s more interesting is you can also invite your friends online and play the instruments with them. Partying anywhere anytime is guaranteed! Your band needn’t be in the same place to play together; you can just go online and invite your buddies to play instruments of their choice along with you. However, you can only be a trio because it allows you to add only up to three people at a time. But remember, three’s a crowd so there won’t be any lack of fun. You just need to know the basics to create a good music session. There are two modes: Easy and Pro. You can control the instruments virtually by using your mouse in the Easy mode and the Pro mode allows you to control the music using the keyboard. If you are not comfortable with controlling the instruments manually, you can just use the autoplay
options to make it easier.

To help you have a better experience, it also displays hints and tips. If you want to play it alone, you can still do it and if you want your buddies to join you, you can invite them through Google Plus, Gmail, Twitter ,and Facebook. If you’ve been aspiring to join a rock band, you can make a band with your buddies and compose your own music. Another exciting thing you can do using Jam with Chrome is composing special music for your friends and surprising them on their birthdays. The perk that you can enjoy with Jam with Chrome is you don’t need any instrument to do it. All that you need to create excellent tunes is a Chrome browser. Jam with Chrome is one of the best music apps found in the
Chrome store and it is already catching on quickly.

Those who have used other music apps like ButtonBeats, Guitar Geek, etc., have enjoyed playing a lot of songs on virtual musical instruments. However, Jam with Chrome proves superior by presenting all the musical instruments they will need to compose music, in a single app. Moreover, being able to compose music as a group has made it even more desirable. Though Google has announced that it is going to call off the iGoogle service because it seems outdated compared to the new apps in the Chrome Store, addition of new apps like Jam with Chrome add more luster to it.

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