Instagram will support Android Tablet, Wi-Fi Handsets and SD Card Installation

Instagram will support Android Tablet, Wi-Fi Handsets and SD Card Installation

Here is the latest report that, Instagram that is already available for android devices now get a new update and it will support the Android Tablets as well, Wi-Fi handset and SD Card Installation.

We had previously reported that Instagram’s android app hits 1 million downloads in less than 24 hours and I had mentioned that “This rapid response from people is happened because of Instagram’s strategy they had already opened a pre-registration for its android app before launching of this app.”

“With this pre-registration they have gain 430,000 users and after its launching on April 3 they have now 1 million download and main reason behind this, this photo-sharing service is very popular among mobile user and a best exaple to show this, their iOS users is about 30 million users.”

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