Today’s Hot Spots: Facebook on Nasdaq, Larry Said We’re not an Evil, Twitter To Block Spammers

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Hey, welcome on our special hot spot section where you’ll get a shot recap of our today’s special coverage and I hope you’ll enjoy this recap.

And, here we will give you a snapshot of our today’s hot coverage and here it is, Facebook on Nasdaq, Larry Said We’re not an Evil, Twitter To Block Spammers.

Report: Facebook To Join Nasdaq:

Facebook, World’s largest social networking site plans to join Nasdaq for its IPO and it will trading on Nasdaq under the symbol of “FB”. This is not a first tech company to join Nasdaq, previously many companies joined this like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and others.

Google CEO’s Long Letter, They’re not an Evil:

Google, a search engine giant is not an evil and these are the word of its own CEO Larry Page because he have recently published a letter of 3,459 words on Company’s official Investor Relations blog.

Twitter To Block It’s Spammers:

Nowadays Twitter, World’s most loving microblogging ste becoming a trend for every people of every age group and according to a statement from Twitter, they have 140 Million active user and more than 340 Tweets per day but a main problem is spammers.

These spammers delighting the Twitter and this small bird becoming a target for these spammers and this why? Twitter have bring a law for these spammers.

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