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Mashable turns orange on April Fool Day

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Now this time I have got an interested news that Mashable, a Scottish-American news website and Internet news blog founded by Pete Cashmore is turns orange on April Fool day because usually it is look like a blue cloud but this time something isn’t correct.

They have reported that Mashable is purchased by Conan O’Brien for thirty-five hundred smackeroos. Yes this is true I know it seemed funny but the true is true.

Conan O’Brien, an American television host, comedian, writer, producer and performer. Since November 2010 he has hosted Conan, a late-night talk show that airs on the American cable television station TBS but this time he becomes more funny.

He said on Mashable that “Two hours ago, I purchased Mashable.com. I’ve taken it over. Why did I take it over? Very simple reason.”

“I’m sick and tired of scanning the Internet looking for any news about technology: Devices, gadgets, what’s coming up, maybe even a rating system for gadgets that are out there. It doesn’t exist on the web and it’s high time it did.”

But my dear friend let me tell you one thing, this just a prank by Mashable team on April 1st and it has been already caught by its audience on its comment board.

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