Google Drive will offer 5GB of free cloud storage to its users

Google Drive will offer 5GB of free cloud storage to its users

Google’s upcoming drive cloud storage service will offer free cloud storage of 5GB to its user according to a recent screenshot from Talk Android.

Previously, We had reported on February 9 that “Google is planning to launch its own Cloud Based Storage Service like Dropbox, Amazon cloud drive and the name of its cloud service is Drive”.

Now after two months it seemed like Google’s cloud storage is arisen and according to multiple sources Drive will likely to launch at the beginning of April but still Google denying to give any comment on its secret project.

And If we’re talking about the report of Talk Android So, they have highlighted the launching date of Google drive and according to them it will be the April 16th.

Here is an official statement from Talk Android about it’s recently leaked screenshot of Google Drive by Talk’s Writer Stacy Bruce  “I had a theory that maybe this extra space was to be based on referrals or some other incentives, but as it appears now I was completely wrong”.

“It seems that each and every person who opens a Google Drive account will be given a total of 5GB of free storage”.

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