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Google to share Wallet Revenue with AT&T and Verizon

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Here is the latest report from Android Guys that Google plans to share its revenue with AT&t and Verizon  to help stimulate usage. This service is currently available in Sprint and only in one device Nexus S 4G.

According to other sources of this report, Sprint version of the Samsung GALAXY Nexus will be released soon and that handset is expected to also support Google Wallet. The latest rumored launch date for the phone is April 15th. During 2012, Sprint is expected to offer ten devices that will support Google Wallet.

I think, it is necessary for Google to spread their service like Google Wallet because in these days this service became disaster for every one and to make it strong Google need some partnership and this why they have teamed up with AT&T and Verizon, US largest carrier.

Here is a statement from Android Guys that “Google seems to have a back-up plan, though. If carriers reject the offer, Google is looking to set them aside and rely solely on payment terminals. Instead of the payments being authenticated via the carrier, transaction information would be sent to Google’s servers. These would then clear the transaction and allow purchases to be completed.”

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