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Facebook to Modernize It’s Photos

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Now, Facebook has update It’s photos and allows the Chrome and Latest Firefox version users can view the Facebook with 4 times bigger in high resolution.

Previously, users can view the Facebook image only in 3/4 of your screen size bur after the announcement of Ryan Mack, Facebook Engineer wrote in a blog post that “Two of my passions in life are travel and photography. After working hard to build Facebook Timeline, I spent a few weeks traveling around Australia with my wife and camera”.

“Inside the Sydney Opera house I took a photo that I just couldn’t wait to share with my friends. But when I uploaded it to Facebook the seat ended up looking way too red. It was a subtle change, but it bothered me enough to investigate.”

The internet standard color profile is called “sRGB.” Every photo on Facebook and most of the internet uses the sRGB profile. For some reason most web browsers don’t assume the image is sRGB, and you actually have to redefine sRGB in every single image. Our photos software was already quite capable of defining sRGB in every image, but that definition was pretty big, and turning it on would have slowed down page loading.

The standard sRGB definition was 3KB. That’s not a big deal for large images, but our thumbnails in newsfeed and timeline are pretty small. Adding the standard definition can slow down loading by up to 30%. Now my quest had become making the sRGB definition smaller

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