Google activates around 700K Android Devices Every Day

Google activates around 700K Android Devices Every Day

There is a latest report from the Google and the Android that Google launching around 700K Android devices every day and this report has revealed by the Android Chief Andy Rubin and then the VP of Google announced this on Google+ and Twitter that “There are now over 700,000 Android devices activated every day,”

And, this is not enough there is various information that I am going to tel you about the main story behind this activation of 700k android devices daily by Google that 550,000 devices were being updated every day –up from a daily tally of 500,000 in June and 400,000 in May.  And, this statement from the Editor of CNET, Steve Musil and the Google announced this on last month that more than 200 million Android devices had been activated around the world.

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